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Valoraciones & Críticas

  1. sekmadieniaislyja's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    So pure, gentle and sad at the same time. I loved the way this movie is filmed - - it's like watcing a subtle photographs moving one after another accompanied by a soundtrack that fits perfectly with a soothing mood.Beauty beyond words.

  2. fahmi khoirussani's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    akhirnya melihat semangat loneliness serta emptiness murakami diadaptasi dengan adil melalui sinema

  3. Jordan Kaltz's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    looks ugly, also the only thing worse than narration pervading a whole film is character interjection to narration , so tacky!!! Also sakamoto’s score is grating

  4. Eick Hoemann's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    This movie is so full of self-pity! We watch a man who misses his life. Traditional role stereotypes: Man is lonely, becomes successful, finally love, wife keeps household, dies out of fear of not having bought enough clothes. Even less a film than a commented slide show with parallel camera rides. The film narrative is a mere allegation. Soaked in sweet piano ripples by Ryuichi Sakamoto. Poetry is different.

  5. Dagmar E. Gabler's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    enervierende in den Vordergrund gemischte Musik und ein Zuviel an Voice Over macht es einen schwer mehr als 25 Minuten zu gucken....

  6. tinderness's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    Der Film hat die Poetik der Romane und Erzählungen Haruki Murakamis wunderbar eingefangen. Ich habe den Stil und die SchauspielerInnen sehr genießen können und verlor mich in den Bildern dieser wunderbaren Regiekunst. Einsamkeit und die Kunst zu vergessen bedingen einander und doch blitzt immer wieder die Sehnsucht und damit die Hoffnung auf. Dies scheint das Schicksal des modernen Menschen zu sein.

  7. Epinephrin's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    Wow ! Haruki Murakami is one of my favourite authors, I read almost all his work. I haven't seen yet a film, where he contributed with the screenplay. What a piece of gem, again I have to thank Mubi for this one. This minimal work of art says so much with so little elements. And the music is great. I felt that Murakami feeling I always get when I read one of his books. Glad to experience it also audio and visually

  8. AVA's rating of the film Tony Takitani

  9. BLP's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    There's beauty in simplicity. The plot may seem uneventful but the film makes up for it with its wondrous and melancholic intimate feeling. The soundtrack is hypnotizing. Tony Takitani is a breezy poem in cinematic form.

  10. A47's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    Somehow manages to strip the title character of any development, in exchange for a long-lensed poetic parlor-trick to save money and melodramatic voice over. Murikami's work is about the nature of reality and our relationship to, not reading beat poetry in a warm bath atmosphere. Jazz you say? No, Jazz may be visceral, but Jazz is real. "The difference may have been subtle. But to Tony, that difference was crucial."

  11. choupinet's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    A sad story that fills your heart with melancholy. A great adaptation from Murakami's short novel.

  12. David Grillo's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    On our own our lives are empty and we have to take that emptiness out into the world.

  13. evolveris's rating of the film Tony Takitani

  14. Risya's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    So simple yet it kinda lingers

  15. EYELASHMITE's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    beautiful simplicity. and michael kors eh?

  16. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    Wow! Stellar and brave. Left me with so much with doing so very "little". Really an excellent piece. Sad, but there were moments I literally laughed my ass off. Fantastic camera work and gentle but focused acting. One of the best films ever about being who you are in this world and all of the pangs that can cause. Brilliant

  17. jelenav's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    I loved it...yet I'm so confused.

  18. Thomas Jolie's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    Beautiful images and soundtrack, everything stripped to keep only the essential. Loved the camera work, especially during the first half, where the camera moved horizontally along the scenes

  19. Javier Toloza's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    A beautifully depicted story of love and loneliness, full of melancholy... I love these ones even when they make me a little sad.

  20. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    Loneliness, consumerism, and the contoured psyche. Reminded me of Sono's "Noriko's Dinner Table", but less wacky, more zen. Loved it.

  21. Martin Hollis's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    A man who paints only machines falls in love with a women who buys clothes to fill the void.

  22. dmol's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    A former designer gives up her job to be a housewife and washes her husband's car while he sits and watches - then she dies for her designer clothes (??!!!). Is it just me who sees something seriously wrong with this? I kept waiting for a twist that never came, indulging instead in Sakamoto's beautiful melodies of loss and emptiness. Good direction, too.

  23. Mike Jempson's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    A tender little film about loss, loneliness, fractured relationships - and an obsession I could never get my head around! Beautifully shot and sparsely edited.

  24. dialupmodem's rating of the film Tony Takitani

    excellently written like a bedtime story but beautifully painful and empty. Sakamoto's music was absent a lot after the death of Eiko when there were some scenes that could have really benefited from it. +On side note I think it handled well the irony of how loneliness is emphasised after we get rid of reminders from those that are absent.

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