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Tosca's Kiss

Il bacio di Tosca

Dirigida por Daniel Schmid
Italia, Suiza, 1984


Giuseppe Verdi’s «finest work», as he himself described it, still stands today on the Piazza Buonarroti in Milan. It is the Casa di riposo, founded in 1896 for «people who are less fortunate than I» – people who never made a big career, and people who have long spent their dream salaries.

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Tosca's Kiss Dirigida por Daniel Schmid

Reseñas críticas

Daniel Schmid’s semi-staged, cinéma vérité documentary is founded on the sad fact that if we live, we will age, decline and die. Not that Schmid’s inspired portrait of divas and divos in retirement, a film now 30 years old and something of a cult enthusiasm, is in any way depressing. On the contrary — few movies are so filled with life.
November 21, 2014
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