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Trader Horn

Dirigida por W.S. Van Dyke
Estados Unidos, 1931
Acción, Aventuras, Biografía


Two white traders in the darkest Africa of the 1870s find a missionary’s daughter, who was captured as a child by a savage tribe and now worshiped as a goddess.

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Trader Horn Dirigida por W.S. Van Dyke

Reseñas críticas

This unsavory circus of racialized sadism exploits Africa as a special effect with travelogue footage of bare-breasted women, fierce-looking pygmies, and masses of crocodiles, but it was only partly filmed there. The more vicious animal fights were shot in Mexico, while virtually all of the dialogue scenes were staged on the MGM lot: “The hippos are getting pretty thick,” the title character (Harry Carey) explains in one cutaway shot.
October 09, 2015
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