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Um S/ Marginal

Dirigida por José de Sá Caetano
Portugal, 1983


In the near future, the ecological balance is threatened: house pets leave town and go back into the wild. Along the Portuguese coast line, a network of solar and tidal-powered plants’ installed and deployed; injured by a car crash, the daughter of a politician seeks refuge in a indeterminate place.

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Um S/ Marginal Dirigida por José de Sá Caetano

¿Qué dicen los demás?

  • josé neves's rating of the film Um S/ Marginal

    An unusual example of a dystopian fiction in the Portuguese cinema, based on a collection of signs from an urban reality, following the exemplary lesson established by Godard in "Deux ou Trois Choses ...". A sensitive and fragmented editing that shatters the possibilities of a traditional narrative by associations, (with)in sudden cuts. It's not an extraordinary film just because the process is not fully mastered.

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