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Up the Down Staircase

Dirigida por Robert Mulligan
Estados Unidos, 1967


On her first day at Calvin Coolidge High, fledgling teacher Sylvia Barrett encounters an apathetic faculty, a delinquent student body, and an administration drowning its staff in paperwork. The following days go from bad to worse, as Sylvia questions her ability to help the disadvantaged students…

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Up the Down Staircase Dirigida por Robert Mulligan


Writers Guild of America

1968 | Nominado: Best Written American Drama (Screen)

Moscow International Film Festival

1967 | Ganador: Best Actress

National Society of Film Critics Awards

1968 | Tercer lugar: Best Supporting Actress

Reseñas críticas

Staircase is no documentary, but [the students’] non-movie-star faces and untrained line readings have a moving innocence that conveys its own form of realism. And while the movie can’t match the blunt unsentimentality of some of Kaufman’s writing, the film feels just real enough so that, watching it 50 years later, one can imagine those kids in actual Manhattan high schools.
July 19, 2017
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