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Valoraciones & Críticas

  1. bryanvmh's rating of the film Weirdos

    Succinct familiar coming-of-age hoopla made delicately and with an eye for melancholy

  2. Katya Kazbek's rating of the film Weirdos

    Julia Sarah Stone is a gem. The rest of the film is cute and all, but nothing in it surprised me.

  3. Lauren Ginn's rating of the film Weirdos

    The best aspect of this film is the interactions with the mother. It was really the only time these characters felt filled with any life. I found most of the acting to be flat and not in a purposeful way of something like "The Neon Demon". It's all very reminiscent of the 2000s mumblecore films that are extraordinarily hit or miss.

  4. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Weirdos

    Caught me off-guard with tenderhearted this film turned out to be. It seems very skin deep at first, but then delves into the true heart and soul of these characters. Filmed in black and white, the film seems simple and easy. But again, there is much more than meets the eye. About halfway into the film, I started to really take notice. Quite an enjoyable experience.

  5. moviedream's rating of the film Weirdos

    One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time!

  6. IKB 191's rating of the film Weirdos

  7. Shahriar Khan's rating of the film Weirdos

    Charming and sweet. Fresh take on the rite-of passage story. This generation’s ‘The Year My Voice Broke’. Good soundtrack.

  8. mpho3's rating of the film Weirdos

    "Weirdos could easily be one of those offbeat road movies that trucks in a cavalcade of eccentric characters who jibber-jabber all sorts Sundance-y nonsense and phoney-baloney insight, but the down-to-earth and insightful screenplay offers characters who are real, raw, and peculiar in their own particular way. They’re flawed and complicated, but not overtly so." - Pat Mullen, Cinemablographer.

  9. jdbellis's rating of the film Weirdos

    This film reaches into your soul and finds the emotive tensions and interwoven bliss alongside the bitterness of growing up, all of this soaking in a sea of individualistic themes. Truly beautiful and very transcendent.

  10. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Weirdos

    Underwhelming crowd-pleaser with a handful of nice touches, like the encounter with the Canadian police officer - basically the opposite of anything one experiences in the US. The political subtext - i.e. the hypocrisy of the American Bicentennial celebrations on TV, with scenes of white men dressed as Native Americans - is well handled. The key message - better a weirdo than a yankee - is very relevant today.

  11. Katie's rating of the film Weirdos

    Though the film has it's share of awkward and flatly delivered dialogue, there is a certain subtlety that it possesses, delivering a touching coming of age story for all ages.

  12. David Perez's rating of the film Weirdos

    The only thing 'wierd' about this banal 'coming-of-age' piece of garbage was that it was financed.

  13. Michael Schmidt's rating of the film Weirdos

    Well, I am obviously not as sophisticated as these other reviewers, because it did not bother me at all that this film did not "take risks" or used "not-exactly-fresh-on-the-scene devices." But I loved it. We are all weirdos to some extent, and this movie did not try too hard to divorce our low-key, uninventive, everyday weirdness from that of the characters on the screen.

  14. Wendy Semkus's rating of the film Weirdos

    This is a gem! Julia Sarah Stone captures the beauty that comes from within and sets a teenager apart from her peers. You can feel her empathy for her “ boyfriend” throughout the film and her sincere interest in Mr. Po, just two examples that showcase her character’s depth. Being a weirdo and believing that we all, not just Canadians, fall on that continuum, it’s the perfect title!!

  15. Gage Ledbetter's rating of the film Weirdos

    Disappointing. The various parts of the film never really came together. The acting was off, though I'm not sure its as much the fault of the actors as of the script. The characterization was lacking, leading to characters with little personality or with unstable personalities. The film passes on having any substantial themes, & the tone (oh, that vital element in all good art) lacks either consistency or conviction

  16. Nick Gaetano's rating of the film Weirdos

    mostly 3_sometimes 4_i love Alice (Julia) & Andy (Rhys) 5 each_Julia is a 10_Kit (Dylan) does a great job being a drag

  17. msmichel's rating of the film Weirdos

    Absolutely charming Nova Scotia set film from Bruce McDonald from a poignant and nostalgic script from Daniel MacIvor. One could argue there is nothing new here but one would be missing out on some fine turns from leads Dylan Authors and Julia Sarah Stone, supports Molly Parker and Allan Hawco and a great soundtrack of seventies Canadian music. Sometimes even the most familiar can be charming and meaningful.

  18. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film Weirdos

  19. J. O.'s rating of the film Weirdos

    Exceptionally disappointing. A frustratingly mediocre paint-by-numbers effort from the once-relevant McDonald. The coming of age story takes no risks, and is predictable from the first few moments - when it is obvious that the lead has a secret his kinda-girlfriend pal and cool-but-embarrassing dad will eventually find out. Casting was odd, and most of the good players could've used some careful direction.

  20. Kamran's rating of the film Weirdos

    A quirky—perhaps overly quirky—coming of age road film which while failing in many critical regards seems sure to be a festival crowd-pleaser. It is ultimately successful in providing the ambition of a road film which is to chart a journey of both physical and spiritual proportions, with the protagonist experiencing a journey both within and without. 70/100 - Good.

  21. Jason's rating of the film Weirdos

    I recognize the honesty of this gorgeous Canadian coming-out-and-of-age cine-psalm, and am more than happy to excuse the foregrounding of a number of not-exactly-fresh-on-the-scene devices employed in Daniel MacIvor's kinda-lightweight-but-definitely-impactful screenplay, because I love Mr. MacIvor and because the results speak for themselves. I was a Canadian kid. I felt the highway calling through the screen.