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White Sun

Seto Surya

Dirigida por Deepak Rauniyar
Nepal, Estados Unidos, 2016
Drama, Aventuras


When his father dies, anti-regime partisan Chandra must travel to his remote mountain village after nearly a decade away. Little Pooja is anxiously awaiting the man she thinks is her father, but she’s confused when Chandra arrives with Badri, a young street orphan rumored to be his son…

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White Sun Dirigida por Deepak Rauniyar
Rauniyar frames the dead body as a metaphor for the corrupt old regime, and the mourners’ struggle to transport it on an arduous mountain trek symbolizes Nepal’s rocky transition from monarchy to republic. Rauniyar gets the most out of the actors, a mix of pros and amateurs, and cinematographer Mark Ellam generates exhilarating images of this vertiginous corner of the world.
January 11, 2018
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While new directors are oftentimes still working out kinks during their first or second features, Nepali director Deepak Rauniyar has the markings of a true master in his powerful rural drama White Sun.
March 12, 2017
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The sky-high Himalayas and the aftermath of civil war cast equally dark shadows in White Sun (Seto Surya), an impressively accomplished second feature by Nepalese writer-director Deepak Rauniyar. Co-produced with Qatar, the Netherlands and the USA — Danny Glover’s name present among a slew of producers — this is considerably more than merely a slice of verdant exotica from the very roof of the world.
September 05, 2016
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