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Woton's Wake

Dirigida por Brian De Palma
Estados Unidos, 1962
Avant-Garde, Corto


Woton Wretchichevsky has a disfigured face, dresses in cloak and mask and stalks couples to burn them with a blowtorch. He is also a sculptor of steel and garbage installations.

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Woton's Wake Dirigida por Brian De Palma

Reseñas críticas

This is, at least in part, what gives Woton’s Wake its collage form, wild and raw, but also thoroughgoing: from the very conception of character and narrative as complex assemblages, to formal choices that privilege operations of fragmentation, cutting, pasting, stitching; from the depiction of mismatching architectures, to the treatment of space as the envelope for pockets of film history.
September 03, 2018
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