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Movies I own.

por Pinau

This list contains most of the movies I own, in alphabetical order (will keep on editing/updating).

Series that I own:

The Adventures of Tintin: complete series.
Afro Samurai: complete mini series.
Avatar The Last Airbender: season 2 – 3.
Batman The Animated Series: vol. 1 – 2.
The Boondocks: season 1.
Breaking Bad: season 1.
Futurama: season 1 – 5.
LOST: complete series.
Mad Men: season 1, 5.
Paranoia Agent: complete mini series.
Pushing Daisies: complete (unfinished) series.
Silver Fang: complete series.
Spiderman The Animated Series: complete series.
The Venture Bros.: season 1 – 2.