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The Noteworthy: TIFF, Lubitsch x Anderson, Kubrick’s Subway

Miyazaki’s last?, first looks at Night Moves and Under the Skin, a drawing of Lubitsch by Wes Anderson, photographs by Kubrick and more.

Edited by Adam Cook


  • TIFF is just about underway and so is our coverage of the festival! For the TIFFers out there trying to manage their viewing schedule, we recommend using TIFFR, a simple and easy way to browse the program and assemble your watchlist and sched.
  • The great Hayao Miyazaki has officially announced that The Wind Rises will be his final feature film. While he has changed his mind about retirement in the past, this could be the real deal. By the way, if you want something to get you primed for the film, check out Scott Foundas' review in Variety.


  • Cinema Scope has starting rolling out their massive TIFF coverage, some of which comes from the next issue, some of which is strictly online. There are too many highlights to single anything out, so subscribe to the feed and start browsing!
  • Our friends at The Seventh Art will be doing live online interviews from TIFF, so keep your eyes on this space.

"Once more the alarm bells ring: Portuguese cinema is in danger. After a year zero, 2012, when the Portuguese State did not open their usual production support tenders for new films, the ghost of another stoppage in the sector is a very real menace."

  • Writing for his blog, Steven Shaviro examines "Vulgar Appropriationism", which he describes as "the way in which pop/commercial media today often appropriate formal structures from more-or-less “high art,” or even avant-garde art, of the 20th century, and use them in ways that negates the aesthetic or conceptual radicality of those structures."

From the archives.

  • Above: via gothamist, photographs of the NYC Subway System by Stanley Kubrick (see the rest here).
Adam, have a great time at TIFF— and I look forward to meeting in person!
Thanks, Girish! You too!!

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