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A Cambodian Spring

Christopher Kelly Reino Unido, 2017

29 días para ver
Human Rights Watch Film

It took Irish filmmaker Chris Kelly nine years to complete this unwavering survey of the Cambodian conflict, achieving unexpected universality with his focus on the power of activism in the face of corruption. We proudly present this raw portrait of the uprising of a nation with Human Rights Watch.


Johnnie To Hong Kong, 2009

28 días para ver
Johnnie To: Men on a

The first in “Men on a Mission,” our three-film series of thrillers by Hong Kong maestro Johnnie To that showcases tenacious determination of professions tested under extreme circumstances. It stars the late, great chanteur-acteur Johnny Hallyday as a man losing his memory yet hell bent on revenge.

Summer Palace

Lou Ye China, 2006

Tras Purple Butterfly Lou Ye optó por una mayor franqueza en este romance, ambientado entre los estudiantes de Beijing durante los años 80. Con el primer desnudo completo en el cine chino además de una referencia abierta a la acción policial en la Plaza de Tiananmen, fue prohibida durante 5 años.

Copia Certificada

Abbas Kiarostami Francia, 2010

26 días para ver

Abbas Kiarostami’s first feature film made outside his native Iran is this sumptuous, brain-teasing romance, as a deceptively simple relationship morphs into something more complex—and keeps the audience guessing. Juliette Binoche is radiant, vulnerable, and perfect in the lead role.

Las escaleras

Hugh Gibson Canadá, 2016

25 días para ver
La Próxima Generación
de Canadá

Pasamos al documental en la última obra de nuestra serie canadiense: el retrato profundamente humano de Hugh Gibson sobre los desafíos sociales en Toronto. Les da voz con intimidad y honestidad, ofreciendo una visión excepcional sobre la lucha para crear así nuevos caminos para esas vidas precarias.

A Week's Vacation

Bertrand Tavernier Francia, 1980

24 días para ver
After the New Wave

With an enveloping lightness of touch, this anecdotal trip through Lyon is an unassuming yet complex portrait of a woman at a crossroads. Brimming with the observational beauty of a city symphony, Tavernier’s film is a warm reminder about the influence the most meaningful bonds have upon one’s life.

The Little Gangster

Jacques Doillon Francia, 1990

23 días para ver
After the New Wave

One of the most under-exposed directors who followed the New Wave generation, Jacques Doillon—whose Ponette we showed this spring—has a sophisticated style that deftly balances naturalism and profound psychological interiority. His characters seem to think and feel in ways rarely seen in the cinema.

Berlín, sinfonía de una ciudad

Walter Ruttmann Alemania, 1927

22 días para ver
City Symphonies

Today we launch a four-city tour of city symphonies: documentaries dedicated to the personalities and energies of unique urban centers. This genre burst into being with Walter Ruttman’s ruminative portrait of Weimar-era Berlin, explored with a style influenced by Sergei Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov.

Le Fort des Fous

Narimane Mari Francia, 2017

21 días para ver
Directo desde Locarno

Our second highlight from the 71st Locarno Festival is an expansive, multi-genre exploration of colonialism that connects the past to today’s migrant crisis. Madmen’s Fort is a defiant, haunting look at History: an overwhelming examination of the politics of power versus the power of utopia.

Purple Butterfly

Lou Ye China, 2003

Comenzamos la retrospectiva del director de la 6ª generación china: Lou Ye. Tras Suzhou River, inspirado por Wong Kar-wai, continuó con esta historia de amor de la época de la guerra de los años 30, que dobla y distorsiona el tiempo, la memoria, el trauma y el romance entre amantes separados.

Vida en familia

Ken Loach Reino Unido, 1971

19 días para ver

Ken Loach teamed up with the great playwright David Mercer for this look at the pitfalls of psychiatry and institutionalization. Aside from this critique, at the center of the film rests a nuanced cast of complicated people trying to do the right thing—an essential film of 1970s British cinema.


Gürcan Keltek Turquía, 2017

18 días para ver
Directo desde Locarno

With Locarno opening this week we’re showcasing two genre-bending films from the festival. First is Gürcan Keltek’s evocative documentary that unexpectedly connects cosmic chaos—a gobsmacking meteor shower—and the armed conflict between Turks and Kurds, finding resonances both political and poetic.

For the Plasma

Bingham Bryant, Kyle Molzan Estados Unidos, 2014

17 días para ver

Descrita como una “pastoral digital” e influenciada por el cine de Kiyoshi Kurosawa y Raúl Ruiz, este rompecabezas hermenéutico nos devuelve a lo básico: nos cuestiona cómo debemos interpretar (sus) imágenes. Engañosamente ambiciosa y seductoramente estilizada, ésta juega con nuestras expectativas.


Chloé Robichaud Canadá, 2016

Tres mujeres se encuentran en distintos extremos dentro de una negociación política pero acaban por unirse bajo la experiencia compartida del sexismo en el trabajo. Chloé Robichaud explora este tema con una deslumbrante estructura conversacional, un tono sofisticado y un fuerte sentido del paisaje.

The Giant

Johannes Nyholm Suecia, 2016

15 días para ver

El sueco Johannes Nyholm nos cogió por sorpresa con este original debut en el que fusiona el realismo social con la fantasía, añadiendo un renovado espíritu Dogma a dicha mezcla. El resultado es curiosamente extraño, una rara fábula de un optimismo contagioso, que probablemente te conquistará.

Bajo la arena

François Ozon Francia, 2000

We draw our series on François Ozon to a close with his break-out hit which re-introduced the world to the austere enchantment of actress Charlotte Rampling. A psychological mystery as gripping and elusive as Repulsion and The Vanishing, it remains one of the great arthouse films of the 2000s.

Gotas de agua sobre piedras calientes

François Ozon Francia, 2000

Working from an unproduced play by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Ozon made one of his most inventive films of his career with this 70s period piece. A synthesis of subversive genres: part musical, part sex farce, a little melodrama, Water Drops on Burning Rocks is a remarkably sardonic love story.

Amantes criminales

François Ozon Francia, 1999

We continue our series highlighting the provocative early features of François Ozon with one of his most extreme tales. The lovers on the run genre mixes with fairy tales made in the era of Larry Clark’s Kids and Bully—yet starring Dardennes actor Jérémie Rénier!—and is by turns harsh and sexy.


François Ozon Francia, 1998

In 1968’s Teorema, a man causes a bourgeois family to question every facet of themselves—in the provocative debut of François Ozon, whom we offer a four-film retrospective of, a pet rat (!) inspires a similar reevaluation amongst a French family. This satire is absurd as much as it’s unforgettable.

Still Night, Still Light

Sophie Goyette Canadá, 2016

Ganadora del premio Bright Future en Rotterdam por su primer largometraje, la película de Sophie Goyette es el viaje a la deriva de tres almas caprichosas. Guiados por una calma envolvente, sus personajes e historias de indagación interior proporcionan toda una experiencia reconstituyente.

How Heavy This Hammer

Kazik Radwanski Canadá, 2015

La siguiente obra en nuestra serie dedicada a los nuevos directores canadienses es la segunda película del aclamado Kazik Radwanski. El suyo es un cine observacional dedicado al patetismo y al humor propio del excéntrico forastero. El sujeto de su irónico escrutinio es Erwin, tan banal como único.


Daouda Coulibaly Francia, 2016

8 días para ver

El emocionante debut de Daouda Coulibaly lleva la arquetípica historia de Scarface a las calles de Bamako, en Mali. Esta cautivadora historia se introduce en el mundo del crimen y el narcotráfico. Un mundo que se mantiene vivo no sólo por Coulibaly, sino también por la actuación de Ibrahim Koma.

The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

Göran Olsson Suecia, 2011

7 días para ver

Later finished by a new generation of filmmakers after a goldmine of footage was discovered from this turbulent time in American race relations, The Black Power Mixtape is a revelatory portrait of what should have been but a moment in history, yet this period has sadly not yet passed. Essential.

Ay de Mí

Jean-Luc Godard Suiza, 1993

6 días para ver

With Jean-Luc Godard’s restored & re-discovered The Rise and Fall of a Small Film Company premiering on MUBI, we’re reviving another post-New Wave favorite. His only—and contentious—collaboration with Depardieu fractures Greek myth and detective tale to question love and spirit in our fallen world.


Ashley McKenzie Canadá, 2016

5 días para ver
La Próxima Generación
de Canadá

De costa a costa, una nueva generación de jóvenes directores está floreciendo en Canadá. Presentamos un programa de 10 películas que reúne las mejores obras de este movimiento independiente, contando con el premiado y emocional debut de Ashley McKenzie sobre dos amantes unidos por la misma adicción.

La leyenda del santo bebedor

Ermanno Olmi Francia, 1988

4 días para ver

In May we lost one of the great Italian directors of all time, Ermanno Olmi. Best known for cinematic miracles such as Il Posto and The Tree of Wooden Clogs, we pay tribute to his humanist gaze with this deeply affecting moral parable, whose images boast an overwhelming spiritual resonance.

Todas las mañanas del mundo

Alain Corneau Francia, 1991

3 días para ver
After the New Wave

Long before Whiplash, Corneau explored a similar story of the musician Marin Marais and his tutelage by the cantankerous Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe. The two are movingly played by the late Guillaume Depardieu and his father Gérard, who in tandem articulate a brilliant soul in this ode to creation.

La decisión de las armas

Alain Corneau Francia, 1981

2 días para ver
After the New Wave

We return to the versatile oeuvre of Alain Corneau with a high-tension thriller about a retired mobster (Montand!), his wife (Deneuve!), and a prison escapee (Depardieu!). The familiar story of a mobster returning for one last job is revised here with nuance, carving a film of rare unpredictability.

Erase and Forget

Andrea Luka Zimmerman Reino Unido, 2017

Expira a medianoche PDT

¿Qué tienen en común Rambo, John “Hannibal” Smith del Equipo A y el Coronel Kurtz de Apocalypse Now? Todos se inspiraron en Bo Gritz. Siniestro pero fascinante, este absorbente documental de Luka Zimmerman reflexiona sin temor sobre cuán arraigada está la guerra en el ADN de Estados Unidos.

Norte, el fin de la historia

Lav Diaz Filipinas, 2013

A man is wrongly jailed for murder while the real killer roams free. The murderer is an intellectual frustrated with his country’s never-ending cycle of betrayal and apathy. The convict is a simple man who finds life in prison more tolerable when something mysterious starts happening to him.

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