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Película del día

Eldorado XXI

Salomé Lamas Francia, 2016

Not only a stunning ethnographic portrait of a community and landscape, Eldorado XXI is also a haunting, immersive experience—a trance that blends the grandeur of a mythical land with the shadow of colonialism, blurring the limits of cinematic narrative. Please watch on the biggest screen you can.


Peter Nestler Alemania Occidental, 1963

29 días para ver
A Vision of Resistance

Peter Nestler’s second film like his first gives potent voice to the voiceless: Swiss children give us their impressions of their daily lives as we see images of Nestler’s own perspective. Beautiful and deceptively simple, these essays create the sense of a new generation beginning to define itself.


Batin Ghobadi Iraq, 2014

28 días para ver

Director Batin Ghobadi realizes a mosaic of tones and themes in this gripping tale of a troubled police officer up against a missing person case. Doubling as a portrait of the landscapes and culture of Iraqi Kurdistan, this slept on feature debut is ambitious, accomplished, and ripe for discovery!

By the Dike Sluice

Peter Nestler Alemania Occidental, 1962

27 días para ver
A Vision of Resistance

We continue our partnership with New York’s Film Society of Lincoln Center to showcase their series on the unknown but essential documentarian Peter Nestler. Short but dense, his first film exhibits his utterly imperative technique: portraiture equal parts hard-edged poetry and political incision.


John Schlesinger Reino Unido, 1965

We close our John Schlesinger tribute with the third of his early masterpieces. Julie Christie returns in front of the camera for this sharp satire of swinging London—she would go on to win an Oscar for her role—while the movie continues to contend as one of the great portraits of the 1960s.

Billy Liar

John Schlesinger Reino Unido, 1963

John Schlesinger’s second feature—another instant classic—built on his first, again working with screenwriter Willis Hall to capture social frustrations of a new, young Britain. Tom Courtenay (recently in 45 Years) is perfect as Billy, but we adore young Julie Christie’s breakthrough performance.

Esa clase de amor

John Schlesinger Reino Unido, 1962

Before coming to Hollywood and making Midnight Cowboy, John Schlesinger began his feature filmmaking career with three masterpieces of a new generation of British cinema. His debut, which won Berlin’s Golden Bear, is a richly textured portrait of the social tensions between class, sex and romance.

La chica del 14 de julio

Antonin Peretjatko Francia, 2013

23 días para ver

We want to celebrate Bastille day in style with a summery dose of pure Frenchness. This irreverent, absurdist comedy overtly steals the spirit and style of a sacred tradition of French New Wave cinema, romanticizing its ethos while charmingly parodying the stereotypes that populate Gallic movies.

Concrete Night

Pirjo Honkasalo Finlandia, 2013

22 días para ver

Finnish director Pirjo Honkasalo (3 Rooms of Melancholia) is also a cinematographer—which explains the stunning, inked black and white of her moody and subtly surreal paean to the uncertainty of adolescence growing up in poor surroundings. A nocturnal odyssey and an awakening, gorgeously realized.

Public Hearing

James N. Kienitz Wilkins Estados Unidos, 2012

21 días para ver

The director of The Republic creates a razor sharp satire of city planning by reconstructing an inherently absurdist bureaucratic process. Working from the actual manuscript of the inciting town meeting and shooting in intimate close-ups, this is a slapstick comedy of rhetoric and facial gestures.

Wedding in White

William Fruet Canadá, 1972

20 días para ver

In this nearly forgotten intimate historical drama, the mores of a working class town in the Canadian prairies are surveyed in a heartbreaking story of a young woman facing adversity in all sides of her life. Dynamic turns from Carol Kane & Donald Pleasence alone make this ripe for rediscovery.

Ma mère (Mi madre)

Christophe Honoré Francia, 2004

19 días para ver

The allure of motherhood has attracted filmmakers since cinema’s early days—the large legacy of indelible on-screen mums proves it. With the fearless Huppert (who else?) as his partner in crime, Honoré boldly pushes boundaries in Ma Mère, a sun-drenched, transgressive tale of incest and obsession.

Funda samurai

Hitoshi Matsumoto Japón, 2011

After genuine whatsit Symbol, Hitoshi Matsumoto returned to the gleeful play and destruction of our genre expectations of his first film, Godzilla parody Big Man Japan, with this goofball chambara (swordplay movie). The ingenious scenario forces gag after gag so our hero can escape harakiri.


Hitoshi Matsumoto Japón, 2009

And now for something completely different: TV comedian turned director Hitoshi Matsumoto and his hilarious, oddball, upside down approach to popular filmmaking. One man (Matsumoto!) is trapped in a room; another, a Mexican wrestler, starts his day. Only pure ingenuity could connect them together.

Scarred Hearts

Radu Jude Rumania, 2016

16 días para ver

Romanian New Wave director Radu Jude follows up his award-winning Aferim! with this wry adaptation mixing an author’s writings with his life. Shooting his colorful 35mm production in playfully old fashioned 4:3, this ode to an ingenious and poetic soul is a delightful mix of melancholy and humor.

El testamento de Orfeo

Jean Cocteau Francia, 1960

15 días para ver
Cocteau's Poets

We follow yesterday’s celebration of Jean Cocteau with his final film and most expansive artistic statement. Answering nearly all of the images & ideas on creation and mortality found in Blood of a Poet, Cocteau concludes both his art and his life with this luminous and lively work of surrealism.

La sangre de un poeta

Jean Cocteau Francia, 1932

14 días para ver
Cocteau's Poets

Today we celebrate poet-playwrite-painter-filmmaker-novelist Jean Cocteau’s birthday with his first feature, The Blood of a Poet. With it, he courageously introduced all of the dark romantic surrealism of his art to a newly born medium and irrevocably changed its expressive potential.

The Republic

James N. Kienitz Wilkins Estados Unidos, 2017

13 días para ver

The world premiere of an audacious new film by Wilkins, a Whitney Biennial 2017 selected artist. A unique cinematic experience, it blurs the lines between film, theater, radio, podcasts & gallery installations as its images fade from black to white and we hear an epic drama of utopian ideals tested.

How to Reach God Through Proper Exercising

Gabriel Herrera Torres Polonia, 2016

12 días para ver
Competing at Oberhausen

Our final film from the Oberhausen festival’s prestigious competition is an absurdist vision of male communal play. A dream passes from man to man during sports practice, throwing the world subtly askew in Mexican director Gabriel Herrera Torres’s unexpectedly strange and impressively grand short.

Strange Says the Angel

Shalimar Preuss Francia, 2017

11 días para ver
Competing at Oberhausen

Shalimar Preuss’ film revives French Impressionist cinema with a renewed sense of realism in this lovely short vision of childhood and femininity. A pastoral setting alongside a riverbank gives way to an arresting flow of images culminating in a deeply mysterious finale waiting to be untangled.

The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki

Juho Kuosmanen Finlandia, 2016

Estreno MUBI
10 días para ver

It is our great pleasure to exclusively present this 60s-set Nordic charmer and knock-out debut. Triumphant winner of last year’s Un Certain Regard in Cannes, shot on gorgeous monochrome 16mm and based on the true story of the most romantic of boxers, one thing’s for sure: it’ll make you happier.

Tower XYZ

Ayo Akingbade Reino Unido, 2016

9 días para ver
Competing at Oberhausen

Our partnership with the Oberhausen Film Festival continues further into the fertile world of modern avant-garde cinema with this brief sojourn into the streets of London and racial and class injustices manifest in the modern city. Ayo Akingbade’s approach is poetic, rhythmic, & entirely enveloping.

Stabat Mater

Josef Dabernig Austria, 2016

8 días para ver
Competing at Oberhausen

Austrian visual artist Josef Dabernig always brings a delightfully fresh, odd-angled approach to cinema, and this competitor at Oberhausen is no different. A clever, droll opposition of haunted architecture à la Last Year at Marienbad, lingering guests played by family & friends, and a fatal story.

Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction

Sophie Huber Suiza, 2012

6 días para ver

From Alien and Paris, Texas to Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, there’s little disputing that Harry Dean Stanton is one of the most distinct character actors to ever grace American cinema. This intimate and rare docu-portrait of the man attempts to unfurl his mysterious essence and tangled past.

Sueños dorados

Nanni Moretti Italia, 1981

5 días para ver
Moretti's Comedies

We close our series dedicated to Moretti’s early comedies with a self-inquiry into filmmaking, political ennui, and men’s relations with their mothers. Sound familiar? Yet this film only expands on those which came before it with a more intimate confessional style aimed at the state of modern Italy.

Ecce bombo

Nanni Moretti Italia, 1978

4 días para ver
Moretti's Comedies

We continue our excursion into the world of Nanni Moretti’s comedies with this early work which delicately unfurls the lives of its young characters—their anxieties, politics and romantic ambitions—with a graceful sense of humor distinct to the director. A slight yet key work in Moretti’s oeuvre.

I Am Self-Sufficient

Nanni Moretti Italia, 1976

3 días para ver
Moretti's Comedies

If you only know Palme d’Or winner The Son’s Room, our triple bill of Nanni Moretti’s early comedies will be a special treat. Shot on Super 8, this debut feature already boasts a perfect balance between autobiography, social commentary and satire, launching what would become the Moretti touch.

Le Moulin

Huang Ya-li Taiwán, 2015

2 días para ver

With remarkable variety of form and a graceful touch, this expansive yet tremendously sensitive debut by Huang Ya-li is an epic and detailed immersion into a remarkable group of writers in Taiwan. Spanning three decades of political turmoil and war, we movingly watch their struggle to create art.

Molly's Theory of Relativity

Jeff Lipsky Estados Unidos, 2013

Expiring at midnight PDT

Jeff Lipsky has quietly delivered a few of the strangest independents in recent years, and the beguiling and un-categorizable Molly’s Theory of Relativity is no exception. A portrait of a relationship? A family drama? A philosophical quandary? Or perhaps it’s just unsolvable–it is for you to decide.

À 14 ans

Hélène Zimmer Francia, 2015

Hélêne Zimmer decide explorar en esta película el mundo de la pubertad poniendo el foco en chavales que camuflan sus sentimientos con alcohol y drogas.

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