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Anthony Mann Noirs

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Raw Deal

Anthony Mann Estados Unidos, 1948

Expiró hace 22 días

Our second B-noir from ascendent director Anthony Mann (The Naked Spur) flips the script from T-Men, telling the story of the criminals rather than the cops. Mann’s attention to the details of violence is fierce, John Alton’s lights are luminous, and Claire Trevor and Raymond Burr—unforgettable.

La brigada suicida

Anthony Mann Estados Unidos, 1947

Expiró hace 23 días

This week’s double feature is two raw noirs from Anthony Mann. Best known for his classic westerns like Winchester ’73, Mann learned his chops making B-movies, culminating in a series of lean, gripping thrillers shot in glorious pools of black and white by legendary cinematographer John Alton.

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