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Festival de Cannes

15 - 26 May 2013

The Festival de Cannes has always been the reflection of its era: a centre for all cultures and hopes, a spring of effervescence and, above all, transmission. Defining ambitious and different projects, giving budding filmmakers the possibility to emerge.


Festival Lineup

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Picture of Nkosinathi Sifiso Nobela

Nkosinathi Sifiso Nobela


Perfect Moments Last for Years, for the 1st time in the History of South Africa Mpumalanga Calls for Submission, The smile to all filmmakers of Mpumalanga, if you have been waiting, the waiting is over send your film today, make your film today lets make Mpumalanga a one of the host city in the history of film festivals. All films will be granted 5 minutes or less and will be expected to have been done within the period of 2012 January to 30 June 2013 it can be from cellphone, camera, HD and any other production gadgets, they will be welcome. All submission will be expected to be on DVDs only for screening. A film festival is an annual event showcasing new inde¬pendent films or recently produced films, high profile and undiscovered talent, established and upcoming filmmak¬ers, student filmmakers, and films from around the world. Festivals normally have two or more screens or venues to showcase films. Accepted filmmakers’ hustle to get their film noticed in the hope of obtaining distribution, favorable media. Mpumalanga Short Film Festival (MSFF) (Perfect Moments Last For Years) I have been going through a lot in life trying to figure out exactly what is the creative time and why are we situate in this side of the country, and yet there was an answer, the name Mpumalanga says it all. I have decided to come up with a name for an event which I felt it was time for me to develop a place in a home of those who are discouraged and frustrated with the saying, in Mpumalanga there are no filmmakers and yet they have never called for any filmmakers to present themselves. Mpumalanga Short film Festival is a named taken from the province name in order to sustain it and not own it directly and also to have the festival easily recognized by Provincial, National & International market that at last we have an upcoming film festival in Mpumalanga leading to 5th upcoming international film festival in South Africa. The name shall remain for decades as the slogan says it all, Perfect Moments Last For Years. The MSFF will embark on the following issues, Substance Abuse, Sexual Harassment at workplace, Man, Women, Children and People with disability abuse, Politics, Government, Save water, Save the environment, Save electricity, Technology, Health related diseases, Crime prevention, transport, mining, manufacture of any product, food health and many more. It can be a docu-drama, true story, Short film, Drama, Documentary, TV Ads and many more. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! MPUMALANGA SHORT FILM FESTIVAL IS HERE! “We can’t wait to see what the independent filmmakers of the Province have for us in 2013!” The Mpumalanga Short Film Festival, MSFF, is one film festival coming to Mpumalanga in August 2013! The fest is calling out to all filmmakers to submit their short film of 5 minutes for a pilot Festival. Film illuminates the world. It opens our eyes. It shows us things we don't see every day, makes us feel things we don't always feel. For years, we've been trying to discover some of the most exciting film the world has to offer…Across countries, languages and classes, film has the power to provide us with a release, an escape, a window into new worlds and new possibilities. All you have to do is make a 5-minutes film! Take part in the msff' film festival and share your work with an audience of over 500 people. We encourage all genres of film, video, and animation, from both professional and first-time filmmakers. All submissions must be silent, musical, educational etc. exactly 5 Minutes or less. Filmmakers retain all rights, and will receive an honorarium per selected film depending on the category. Filmmakers must submit to one of the following thematic categories: * Urban & Rural Encounters - the moments that make city, township & villages-living worthwhile * Urban & Rural Fears - the darker side of living in a metropolis, villages & township * Urban & Rural Growth - from skyscrapers to suburban sprawl * Urban & Rural Imaginary - hopes for the future of big cities, big township & big villages * Urban & Rural Nature - the living city, township & Villages both nurtured and oppressed * Urban & Rural Secrets - stories about the hidden or forgotten city, township & village * Urban & Rural Travels - from public transit to Parkour * Urban & Rural Education- from something to something & from nothing to nothing * Urban & Rural Industries – from all Industrial activities in the province * Urban & Rural films- from professional films to armature film * A film about Mpumalanga Short Film Festival – How do you see the festival happening? The founder of the film festival is Sifiso Nkosinathi Nobela A Professional Film Director. A graduate in Center for Research In Art of Film and Television in the Republic of India (New Delhi) in the study of direction. He acquired a diploma in film direction, which makes him a suitable candidate for the film production as well as post and pre-production. He is also a creative young and motivated man who is technology fluent with the modern technology including web design, Computer programers and software upgrade etc. He did Public Service advertisement; Documentary Film for a JSE listed Coal Mining company, EXXARO NBC COAL, Documentary Based on HIV Testing at School Titled (I Touch Us All) for Department of Health and Short film based on a love. I have done a feature film called The Broken Links, documentary My Town Belfast I am working the following project, Briefcase, My Fear My Pain, Mpumalanga Kingdom, the Lost Opportunity, Evil Brew, Music video for Shisa Boy latest hit Song iyebo Iyes and many more including animation, human replication, TV adverts for GNF and Church services for GNF which was screen last year October and other professional work related to the multimedia industry. Currently I am the managing director of FTB MULTIMEDIA production company in Mpumalanga specializing with Corporate Video Production, Training Videos & DVD, Safety Induction VideosInternet / Website videos, Live Events Photo & DVD, Music Video Production, Voice Over Recordings Recording Studio & Mixing, Wedding Videography, Live DVD Recordings – Music Concerts, TV Advertisements Multi-Cam Video & Audio, Web Café Internet Marketing, Royalty Free Music, 5.1 Surround Mixing & MasteringBlu-Ray Authoring & Mastering, Graphic Designing, Event Photography. The film festival is a pilot of the industry development which will be a success based on successful sponsors who will finance the event for the job creation, crime prevention activity. By inviting the filmmakers we try to identify the availability of talent, creative writers, actors, directors, DOP’s and many more, it is one of its kind. Public and private sectors are requested to make themselves available to assist the pilot by providing their area of focus, in the year 2013 towards human development, by doing so they will assist us to be able to advertise the areas for the youth to make up a story based on their area of focus. We are expecting 100 films to be submitted and 60 will be screened in two days then awards will be granted to the 8-selected category Best Film Best Director Best Writing Best Actor/Actress Best Special Effects Best Movie Ever of All Time Best Audience film of all time Best Comedy More information can be collected from the website of the company, or email to: or call: 0833722603 make your subject line MSFF with the Category you are inquiring about and on the website go to MSFF and read more about the film festival. Sponsors are requested to download the plan on how they will benefit from sponsoring the MSFF. All dates and venues will be communicated to the public as soon as sponsors have avail themselves and all finances are in place as well as prices for the winners. So lets make best of both world.

Picture of Danny Dreams

Danny Dreams


There are no films for Festival de Cannes 2013 that are viewable in your area :*(

Picture of Sancar Seckiner

Sancar Seckiner


God sake !!!!!!!!!!! Only Luhrmann for 2013 ????????????

  • Picture of Duncan Gray

    Duncan Gray


    That was that had been announced. More are on the way tomorrow!

  • Picture of Sancar Seckiner

    Sancar Seckiner


    I got a new list as below: Opening by The Great Gatsby, Baz Luhrmann Behind The Candelabra, Steven Soderbergh Only God Forgives, Nicolas Winding Refn Borgam, Alex Van Warmerdam La Grande Bellezza, Paolo Sorrentino La Venua A La Fourrure, Roman Polanski Nebraska, Alexander Payne Jeune & Jolie, Francois Ozon Wara No Tate, Takashi Miike La Vie D’adele, Abdellatif Kechiche Soshite Chichi Ni Naru, Kore-Eda Hirokazu Tian Zhu Ding, Jia Zhangke Grisgris, Mahamat-Saleh Haroun The Immigrant, James Gray Le Passe, Asghar Farhadi Heli, Amat Escalante Jimmy P., Arnaud Desplechin Michael Kohlhaas, Arnaud Despallieres Inside Llewyn Davis, Ethan Coen, Joel Coen Un Chateau En Italie, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi Closing by Zulu, Jérome Salle

Picture of Ronnie B. Goodwin

Ronnie B. Goodwin


my short film 'FLY a Legacy', has Official Selection at the Festival de Cannes short film corner, magnifique:)


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