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11 - 24 April 2013

Since its first outing in 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark’s largest film festival cultivates new talent and exhibits the best in both Danish and international cinema, as well as diverse, exciting retrospectives in a line-up including nearly 200 features.


Festival Lineup

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Daniel Froidevaux


yeah. so there are almost no films available to watch in my area, which is canada. that means that i won't be paying a subscription fee. i realize this is mostly due to my own government's regulations, but i'm going to say this now. we have about 2 more years to create an efficient, sustainable vod online service before people will become so habituated to NOT paying for films that the existence of vod will become a moot point. this would be a tremendous loss for the film industry, to not capitalize on a potential way to reach an audience while that audience is still willing and receptive. i just went through the hassle of entering all my credit card information, and frankly i'm just going to unsubscribe before my 14 days is up.

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we want all that (we have) all that we want


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