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Göteborg Film Festival

23 January - 2 February 2015

The Göteborg Film Festival is the annual film festival held in Gothenburg, Sweden. Launched in 1979 it is the leading film festival in Scandinavia and – with an audience of 200,000 visitors a year – one of the largest festivals in the world.


Festival Lineup

There are no films for Göteborg Film Festival 2012 in our library


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Товарищ Петя.


GIFF 2012 is totallt not updated on the site. Please update.

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Товарищ Петя.


I'm very happy MUBI finally imported GIFF:s catalogue (well, part of it). To Kollektivegoism: how do you mean "contradictionary to the idea"? Today's thumbs-up goes to Norwegian Wood and Tears of Gaza.

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Black Swan last night. Love and Other Drugs later...

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It's kind of funny. I live here in Gothenburg, where the festival is taking place yet the films available to me here, according to region(?), for online view at MUBI I can count on one hand. I understand it has to do with rights and so forth but kind of contradictory of the idea, is it not? If I don't have time to view all the films I want at the festival, should I not be able to view them at a more suitable time for me at the same fee during the duration of the festival which is about 10 days? Maybe 'funny' is not the word I really want to use.


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