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San Sebastián International Film Festival

20 - 28 September 2013

Started in 1953, the San Sebastián Film Festival’s primordial role is to serve as a showcase for each year’s most disquieting and innovative films.


Festival Lineup


My Twentieth Century

Hungary 1989

102 Min

DIR Ildikó Enyedi


Homer and Eddie

United States 1989

102 Min

DIR Andrei Konchalovsky


Do the Right Thing

United States 1989

120 Min

DIR Spike Lee


If They Tell You I Fell

Spain 1989

114 Min

DIR Vicente Aranda


Torch Song Trilogy

United States 1988

120 Min

DIR Paul Bogart



West Germany 1989

95 Min

DIR Dani Levy


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I just realized there are lots and lots of great titles from this festival missing. What about "La Noche Que No Acaba" I really want to watch it! I had a ticket for it but ended up missing in and I hear it's really really good! I would appreciate it if you could add all the missing films from all festival sections. Thanks!

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I just come back from this festival, there were some really great films, but for some reason some of my favourites are missing in this list!!! Maybe I just missed it and it is in the list but i dont think it was, La Vida Util (A useful life) was the best film shown in the festival along with Guest (Jose Luis Guerin). Also there were some pretty good Basque films, specially documentaries, which I haven't seen here. I look forwards to being able to see these films again!


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