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  1. Photo of Hou Hsiao-hsien

    Hou Hsiao-hsien Director

  2. Photo of Liao Ching-Song

    Liao Ching-Song Producer, Editing

  3. Photo of Yao Hung-i

    Yao Hung-i Cinematography

  4. Photo of Shu Qi

    Shu Qi Cast

  5. Photo of Fang Mei

    Fang Mei Cast

  6. Photo of Wang Toon

    Wang Toon Director

  7. Photo of Hu Hsin Yi

    Hu Hsin Yi Producer

  8. Photo of Feng Hsin-hua

    Feng Hsin-hua Cinematography

  9. Photo of Lai Meng-Jie

    Lai Meng-Jie Editing

  10. Photo of Tsai Ming-Hsui

    Tsai Ming-Hsui Cast

  11. Photo of Hsu Chi-wen

    Hsu Chi-wen Cast

  12. Photo of Shen Ko-shang

    Shen Ko-shang Director

  13. Photo of Li Meng-chien

    Li Meng-chien Producer

  14. Photo of Chien Yu-Tao

    Chien Yu-Tao Cinematography

  15. Photo of Huang Kuan Chun

    Huang Kuan Chun Editing

  16. Photo of Nikki Hsieh

    Nikki Hsieh Cast

  17. Photo of Chu Yen-ping

    Chu Yen-ping Director

  18. Photo of Lin Sheng-Kuo

    Lin Sheng-Kuo Producer

  19. Photo of Anthony Pun

    Anthony Pun Cinematography

  20. Photo of Chen Po-wen

    Chen Po-wen Editing

  21. Photo of Chang Fang-yi

    Chang Fang-yi Cast

  22. Photo of Ho Wi-Ding

    Ho Wi-Ding Director

  23. Photo of Hsu Hsin Chin

    Hsu Hsin Chin Producer

  24. Photo of Jack Pollock

    Jack Pollock Cinematography

  25. Photo of Hsu Wei-yao

    Hsu Wei-yao Editing

  26. Photo of Cheng Chin-Shan

    Cheng Chin-Shan Cast

  27. Photo of Wu Nien-Jen

    Wu Nien-Jen Director

  28. Photo of Cheng Nien-Hsiang

    Cheng Nien-Hsiang Producer

  29. Photo of Wang Chun-ming

    Wang Chun-ming Cinematography

  30. Photo of Lin Yung Li

    Lin Yung Li Editing

  31. Photo of Li Hou Lou-Yuan

    Li Hou Lou-Yuan Cast

  32. Photo of Wang Shaudi

    Wang Shaudi Director

  33. Photo of Jeyi An

    Jeyi An Producer

  34. Photo of Huang Tien-Jen

    Huang Tien-Jen Cinematography

  35. Photo of Chen Hsiao-Tung

    Chen Hsiao-Tung Editing

  36. Photo of Kou Chia-jui

    Kou Chia-jui Cast

  37. Photo of Jenny Liao

    Jenny Liao Cast

  38. Photo of Chen Kuo-fu

    Chen Kuo-fu Director

  39. Photo of Eason Ko

    Eason Ko Producer

  40. Photo of Peggy Tseng

    Peggy Tseng Cast

  41. Photo of Doris Wang

    Doris Wang Cast

  42. Photo of Chen Yu-hsun

    Chen Yu-hsun Cast, Director

  43. Photo of Hou Chi-jan

    Hou Chi-jan Director

  44. Photo of Aileen Li

    Aileen Li Producer

  45. Photo of Kwan Pung-Leung

    Kwan Pung-Leung Cinematography

  46. Photo of Chi Lu-hsia

    Chi Lu-hsia Cast

  47. Photo of Jian Man-shu

    Jian Man-shu Cast

  48. Photo of Wei Te-sheng

    Wei Te-sheng Director