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  1. Photo of Jackie Chan

    Jackie Chan Director, Cast Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Zhang Li

    Zhang Li Director

  3. Photo of Bingbing Li

    Bingbing Li Cast

  4. Photo of Winston Chao

    Winston Chao Cast

  5. Photo of Joan Chen

    Joan Chen Cast

  6. Photo of Jaycee Chan

    Jaycee Chan Cast

  7. Photo of Sun Chun

    Sun Chun Cast

  8. Photo of Jiang Wu

    Jiang Wu Cast

  9. Photo of Hu Ge

    Hu Ge Cast

  10. Photo of Ning Jing

    Ning Jing Cast

  11. Photo of Wai Huang

    Wai Huang Cinematography

  12. Photo of Hai Zhao

    Hai Zhao Production Design

  13. Photo of Wen Chang

    Wen Chang Sound

  14. Photo of Xingdong Wang

    Xingdong Wang Screenplay

  15. Photo of Baoguang Chen

    Baoguang Chen Screenplay

  16. Photo of Wang Zhebin

    Wang Zhebin Producer

  17. Photo of Wang Tianyun

    Wang Tianyun Producer

  18. Photo of Shulin Bi

    Shulin Bi Producer

  19. Photo of Ren Zhong-lun

    Ren Zhong-lun Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Bin Guo

    Bin Guo Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Zhou Li

    Zhou Li Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Jianhong Qi

    Jianhong Qi Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Pixue Zhou

    Pixue Zhou Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Lian Yu

    Lian Yu Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Xiaoyi Shen

    Xiaoyi Shen Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Wang Dafang

    Wang Dafang Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Peter Lam

    Peter Lam Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Gu Guoqing

    Gu Guoqing Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Yang Hongyu

    Yang Hongyu Editing