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  1. S.J.B.'s rating of the film 3

    It wouldn't be Tykwer if the technical elements weren't a hair over-the-top, but the balance of an interesting, well-acted narrative and Tykwer's proclivities is strong in this film compared to many of his others.

  2. Shahin Katila's rating of the film 3

  3. João Estevens's rating of the film 3

  4. Angelika Arman's rating of the film 3

    Tykwer tastes of a bestseller you buy at airports, consisting solely of dialogues of a coolness level mental age of 16 +under. With an actress who would be great in the role of a medieval old maid, here the Berliner "casualness" comes off awfully infantile. "I don't like it when you're sick, babyyy" :( (moan, moan) Never hated a Hermann Hesse poem, but under this circumstances it was inevitable.

  5. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film 3

  6. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film 3

  7. Paulo Machado's rating of the film 3

    Filme extremamente poético e bonito, porém algumas coisas parecem simples demais. Anyway, 3 estrelas cai bem.

  8. Alexandra Mayboroda's rating of the film 3

    This is the end of a deterministic understanding of biology

  9. doolhof102x81's rating of the film 3

  10. raol's rating of the film 3

  11. Adrian's rating of the film 3

  12. eljuli's rating of the film 3

    I loved the cinematography, the colors, the lights, the way Berlin looks and also liked the subject a lot. One of my favourite films!

  13. ramosbarajas's rating of the film 3

    A well-crafted film that presents the story in an unconventional way: there's experimentation with the narrative, presenting the plot through several artistic metaphors (i.e. the first sequence with the light cables). The performances are funny, and deserving of praise. The story offers an uncomplicated solution with utopian balance. Not necessarily credible, but enough for the characters and their need for love.

  14. micah van hove's rating of the film 3

    A welcome surprise to have enjoyed this as much as I did. Tremendous directing, beautiful cinematography & an intriguing story that unfolds at perfect pace. Tykwer helps us ask questions about human relationships and discover them in a new light.

  15. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film 3

    This obviously deserves three stars

  16. Sadhaka's rating of the film 3

    “Say goodbye to your deterministic understanding of biology”.

  17. kopfkompass's rating of the film 3

    I love the way the movie reveals its plot: split screens, dream sequences, arrangements of hopes and fears. If it wouldn't have focused on sex so much I would call it a masterpiece.

  18. oldeuboi's rating of the film 3

    An intricate view on modern relationship. Stylish and occasionally funny but tad too melodramatic than insightful. It also has major plausible issue.

  19. Shishira's rating of the film 3

    Tom Tykwer's direction, a very Porcupine Tree kind of background score and decent acting by the lead actors made the movie. Story? Not so sure.

  20. gencorkun's rating of the film 3

    This is one interesting story. Do we have to make a choice all the time? This movie asks this question in a very strange way and forces your limits of perception. This line from the movie is enough to explain the plot: "Just say farewell to your deterministic understanding of biology" And what I will remember from this movie: The stunning location of the pool :)

  21. Rizard's rating of the film 3

    I feel very weird through this film like ok Tykwer intended to telling us there could be another type of relationship than monogamous marriage. But why these two people should legaly marry in the first place while their threesome could be severely disproportionated by such an act. Is this his real life desire? Maybe so. I don't know.

  22. Rafael Feitosa's rating of the film 3

    tom tykwer found a sensitive and very poetic (and even lyrical) way to talk about a threesome. also, the composition of characters is very interesting.

  23. fruor's rating of the film 3

  24. Seen Said's rating of the film 3

    The usual motifs of synchronicity, chance, and free will vs. fate reach a new level of maturity and subtlety for Tykwer, but the real meat of this story is not delivered. How harmonious can "three" really be? Although what's given is enjoyable, I wish we could have been given more.

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