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  1. Alex Hall's rating of the film 4

    Russia's answer to Amores Perros? The whole x number of strangers with no apparent connection coincidentally being connected gets a little dull after the first couple of films. Felt a particular section could have been edited somewhat.

  2. noice's rating of the film 4

  3. Ruiz Buñuel's rating of the film 4

    The "surrealism" fails on every level, and the film only succeeds at being harsh and grotesque. Kind of like HARD TO BE A GOD. Not really anything going on.

  4. Anand Kani's rating of the film 4

    Three people walked into a bar. Not a joke, but what a yarn! Old women in a village mourn the death of a young woman, their livelihood depended on her. It involved chewing bread into wet spongy paste, with their teethless gums, that she would use to make dolls. Was she one of the discarded clonal twin? (An indescribable film clearly - let's watch it as we anticipate the director's epic human experiment "Dau").

  5. Mario Tomchev's rating of the film 4

    something I agreed with: "Trouble is that everything represents something else, but no one is sure what. Metaphor and Bunuelian bedlam are supposed to somehow make a statement about modern Russia, but what? Film is too introverted, subjective; the surreal becomes pointless, like a private nightmare, cryptic and obscure", yet I kinda loved the trouble and the very ending with its own '4' (as in a certain wall broken)

  6. Dries's rating of the film 4

    non ci ho capito 1 sega ma più lo guardo e più mi piace, ha un fascino misterioso che non mi so spiegare

  7. neurokot's rating of the film 4

    Russian post-modern literature in a nutshell.

  8. Alex's rating of the film 4

  9. Alan Edit's rating of the film 4

    All I remember where the boobs.

  10. Robert W Peabody III's rating of the film 4

    4 (2004) DIR Ilya Khrzhanovsky SCR Vladimir Sorokin CAST Marina Vovchenko, Irina Vovchenko, Svetlana Vovchenko, 126 Min Many have tried and failed because this debut film defies description. 10/10

  11. futurestar's rating of the film 4

    if you are what you eat, the Russian culture is sifting in the sands. health, hygiene, community grid, what are those things in these bleak settings? it has all been downhill since communism took a powder. anything moving, breathing is fair game for dinner fodder. crass, base, and deliberate, this film revels in their common gutter.

  12. Anhar Mahmood Ashfaq's rating of the film 4

    hmmm....pretty mysterious n the surrounding feels so cold n dark....but at the end about that person with the white cap......please dont be misleaded dear audience....Real muslims are very polite to animals....they do not eat carnivorous animals n the pig....n they r only allowed to kill the animal for food in a way that is least painful....

  13. bencor's rating of the film 4

    watching this with boards of canada's new album on headphones makes more sense

  14. francisca bacon's rating of the film 4

  15. Joshuah's rating of the film 4

    Somewhere in the midst of Sweet Movie and Red Desert. Not for everyone's taste, but I enjoyed it thoroughly, despite the slow beginning.

  16. solsticefield's rating of the film 4

    It was an insane parallel world populated by obscenely round piglets, mangy dogs, old hags, and dolls with faces made of chewed bread.

  17. Jakov Pejov's rating of the film 4

    Who likes '4' must to see film 'Taxidermia'. I like the word FILM.

  18. Irreversible93's rating of the film 4

    A very mysterious, strange, and hypnotic movie. It was very engaging and interesting at first, and by the second half, it grew increasingly harder to watch. To listen to. The constant wailing of the crones made me about to go insane. the whole atmosphere was claustrophobic .But that's why it's so interesting, and ended up being quite good. It also had many layers, like the dogs vs. Machines.Definitely worth watching.

  19. Jason's rating of the film 4

    Casually deranged and as Russian as Russian cinema gets, 4 is nonetheless absolutely its own thing. Director Khrzhanovsky (any relation to Sigizmund?) has clearly read his Bakhtin. His debut is a propulsive, carnivalesque tautology of threes and fours full of convulsive drunken chronotopes. Pretty much a must see.

  20. Olivia Reneé Saldívar's rating of the film 4

    I wish everybody would run out, kick over a kiosk and see this movie!

  21. Special Agent Dale Cooper's rating of the film 4

    It's ok. It gets better towards the end, but overall it's a pretty dull movie

  22. editkid's rating of the film 4

    I was able to completely enjoy this movie by watching it not with my total and utter attention. I think that would have been too much. I watched it while occasionally doing trivial things around the house and drinking wine. It was a complete experience, and I rank it among my all time favourite films. I did not make the Muslim reference mentioned. I will watch it again and pay more attention this time.

  23. Jennifer Christensen's rating of the film 4

    This film is definitely brutally surreal. I'll admit, after a while, I found it difficult to watch but that's because the director's vision was so startlingly honest that I was taken aback. I would recommend this cinematic journey to Russia to anyone who doesn't mind diving into a harsh reality.

  24. Halim Cillov's rating of the film 4

    This might not be a movie for everyone, but I really fell in love with the world that the director Ilia Khrzhanovsky within the film. It is a very bleak, dark and creepy world that is equally surreal, and yet still in so many different ways, it succinctly mirrors the world that we live in.