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  1. Filipe F. Coutinho's rating of the film 42

    Chadwick Boseman has been brilliantly playing the biggest African American figures for years, and yet no script has matched in weight the influence of the people he portrays or even his enormous talent. Jackie Robinson and 42 is another one of those cases. I'll patiently continue waiting for *the* script.

  2. Louis Robert's rating of the film 42

    Du bon acting, une histoire vraie sur un moment fort dans l'histoire afro américaine, du baseball et de la musique grandiose, une recette classique mais qui fonctionne encore à coup sûr.

  3. Pedro_Fernandes's rating of the film 42

    Terrible movie, but amazing background story

  4. spiderliliez's rating of the film 42

    It's a shame, Robinson's story is as important as any other film that tackles racism and equality. Sadly the screenplay seem to have been lacking something. It certainly wanted you to absorb everything. It's a triumphant true story, but could have had a better direction.

  5. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film 42

    42 depicts Robinson’s life in the most conventional Hollywood tradition, using the same old formulas and manipulations that most of us are fed up. Review and Rating:

  6. Paul Pastoor's rating of the film 42

    Tame and straight forward but i loved how they filmed it, especially the baseball games themself, and the performances are strong down the line. Jackie Robinson deserved a better film but if this makes a few 6th graders say "oh shit them brown guys aren't that bad" or an old man rethink a few moments in his life then its more than win in my book.

  7. dschank's rating of the film 42

    i watched this with my mom. movies like this are the reason my students think racial discrimination ended in the 60's. just awful.

  8. commonwastrel's rating of the film 42

    A film that begs for you to be inspired. Watch out for the array of tired cues that practically yell: "Are you fucking inspired yet?!"

  9. André Vieira's rating of the film 42

    "Writer-director Brian Helgeland delivers his best movie with 42, a sharp, earnest tale about Jackie Robinson's contributions to Major League Baseball"

  10. FailedImitator's rating of the film 42

    This movie has perhaps the best trailer of 2013. No joke. But the movie itself was boring and stale and straightforward. Such a shame.

  11. eek's rating of the film 42

    A generic baseball movie and Harrison Ford's best role in years.

  12. Effendi Ben Smith-Malick's rating of the film 42

    The story was pretty straight forward, however Lucas Black got Pee Wee Reese perfectly and it's some of the best filming of baseball ever. So it's pretty good. I don't know why Wash was so fucking angry at black people, but I can only assume it was something his wife did.

  13. CynicalJoe's rating of the film 42

    A contrived biopic that takes an inspiring hero and makes him collectively uninspiring.

  14. The Future Mr. Gitts's rating of the film 42

    It's a great piece of American history, and I love baseball, but this movie is too glossy for its own good. Jackie Robinson's struggle has been Hollywooded with generic formula and a simplistic look at racism. Helgeland makes some frustrating directorial choices, too. And yet it still almost works, partly because Boseman and Ford are great.

  15. Zach Franks's rating of the film 42

    A really solid biopic, and one of the best executed sports movies I've seen in a while.