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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Tiago Inácio's rating of the film Aftermath

    the idea of two men who don't know each other and drift through life consumed with the same grief caused by a common event is very interesting. Arnold's really trying to become a serious character actor, but just like with Maggie he's betrayed by a half cooked script and uninspired directing. there is a good indie here but it doesn't shine through. the man's 70 and trying. give him a good drama to play with.

  2. Giles J Davis's rating of the film Aftermath

    Props to Arnold for his recent portrayals in indie cinema however sensitive drama might be a genre he'd want to back away from in the future. Aftermath is a delicate & sensitive film which is beautifully shot & scored but had the feel of a BBC play for today. Whether the intention was to portray how alphas & betas display protection & grief or just to capture a sad story, Aftermath was just very boring indeed. D