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  1. Richmond Hill's rating of the film 8½

    Organised chaos: such is (not) making a film apparently but such is life and dreams. An extraordinary synthesis that is the whole from it’s parts; a rag bag in probably anyone else’s hands, but here a beautiful and seductive unity of procrastination, avoidance, and mess. One of those films that rewards repeated viewings: each time a new insight revealed and reminder of life affirmed.

  2. Prithwi's rating of the film 8½

    This is the best Fellini work for me which i consider even more important than his Nights of Cabiria and La Strada.

  3. Tone Ottilie Frederiksen's rating of the film 8½

    Masterpiece. This film sucks you into the subconscious of a man torn between his past, present and the heavy weight of expectations - and there is also a beautiful love story. It feels so human, yet so full of imagination with absolutely startling cinematography. To make it even more interesting, this is also a film about the making of itself. I have never seen anything like this.

  4. Malcom Tateau's rating of the film 8½

    One of the best movies ever made, a love song dedicated to cinema, and to the extraordinarity of small things.

  5. Vero's rating of the film 8½

  6. MisterColo93's rating of the film 8½

  7. Sara_C's rating of the film 8½

    visually a nice film. not too fond of the main character...loved Barbara Steele's character though.

  8. jewelsofglory's rating of the film 8½

    Incredible film. I regret that I looked past it a couple of years ago and now I can really appreciate its colossal beauty, cynicism and sincerity. Certainly an inspirational film for me as a potential filmmaker.

  9. ginobartolomi's rating of the film 8½

    a love letter to love itself, the original film about film. it's life and death and everything in between - a work of genius that has been imitated but never matched.

  10. Sanna Hajnos's rating of the film 8½

    pretty women pretty dreams. I never wanna be a director.

  11. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film 8½

    Great individual moments and some of the most gorgeous women put on film, but I just can't seem to adore this Fellini movie as much as every other critic and film fan do. For me the entire film feels like a practical joke by a director who has no idea how to make his own movie work. Instead it is a episodic and filled with surreal moments as he was hoping people will like it just because it is part autobiographical.

  12. DenoResandono's rating of the film 8½

    8½ is really a groundbreaking masterpiece of world cinema. In my opinion, this movie is the best work from director Federico Fellini. 8½ is full of surreal and dreamy imagery. This movie use a non-conventional storytelling. This movie tells about a famous film director who suffers from stifled creativity. Not to mention that gorgeous cinematography. Marcello Mastroianni played Guido with perfection. SPECTACULAR!

  13. LibertyCapz's rating of the film 8½

    Not only is this piece of classic cinema seen by most as Federico Fellini's greatest achievement, but it is also widely considered one of the greatest films ever created. It has definitely withstood the test of time and its's influence can be seen throughout newer cinema, such as in Bob Fosse's phenomenally explosive musical All that Jazz, or in Quentin Tarantino's cult masterpiece Pulp Fiction. Definitely a must see

  14. Juliana Senra's rating of the film 8½

    This one is a real masterpiece.

  15. angelicidea's rating of the film 8½

    It took me a long time to finally sit down and watch this film. It is as perfect as I imagined!

  16. João Luís Ribeiro's rating of the film 8½

  17. Ben Nash's rating of the film 8½

    If I have to be honest, Fellini has done better work.

  18. Linley Kissick's rating of the film 8½

  19. caro's rating of the film 8½

    "Drama, Fantasy, Comedy" - best description for a undefinable and unique movie. I was completely hypnotised with its breathtaking images, its amazing script and god, could we talk about how beautiful and amazing the actresses are?? It think it's an incredible piece of art that must be watched several times to fully grasp its beauty and mystery - speaking of which I'm playing it again right now :)

  20. Jugu Abraham's rating of the film 8½

    A good film but is it the best Fellini? I prefer "La Strada", "Nights of Cabiria" and "Orchestra Rehearsal" (in that order) over "8 1/2". A few questions--why does Claudia Cardinale alone among all others get called by her own name in the film? The discussions on theology are far from comedy--it has depth. Did Fellini stumble here intentionally? Why does Guido carry a burning cigarette into a turkish bath?

  21. Hugh Denton's rating of the film 8½

    Utterly self-indulgent yet also quite wonderful - this "cinema classic" actually still holds up well - not least because of the prefiguring of modern concepts of intermingling realistic/dramatised elements, and viewer uncertainty about what's 'real' . It's also beautifully shot and some of the visual composition and beauty *still* is stunning and fresh

  22. Luke Corradine's rating of the film 8½

    Without a shadow of a doubt, the most important film ever made.

  23. RoRoRoro's rating of the film 8½

  24. Victor Morosoff's rating of the film 8½

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