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  1. Andy Okta's rating of the film 9

    very pleasing design and story.

  2. Luke Spence's rating of the film 9

    Could have done a better job portraying each character as a piece of the inventors mind (or soul). I think the concept would have worked better if each character was given less dimension and instead adhered to a single character trait. Side note: I hate Elijah Woods whiny voice!

  3. Paul Mallinson's rating of the film 9

    Love this dark, animated post-apocalyptic story. Echos of eastern European animation of the 70s and 80s.

  4. atacamavandu's rating of the film 9

  5. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film 9

    Aesthetically pretty in it own right, but features a pretty mediocre script. The story seems to boast the idea that gumption and idealism are necessary not just to survive, but to exceed. Yet the movie's supported ideals are essentially what kickstart the conflict in the first place, because of which most of the main characters die. So, yeah; sports a bit of a thematic blindspot.

  6. the_mentaculus's rating of the film 9

    A movie for 13 year old philosophers, regressed Marxist sociologists, or Taoist paranoid schizophrenics. The story's simplicity of narrative and character was refreshing, as was its brutally frank depiction of death. But it felt like it was far too broad for what was clearly going to be a niche story with a small audience - and ultimately the film pleases no one.

  7. Arandhitio Ballagi's rating of the film 9

  8. bartkl's rating of the film 9

    Great style with an incredible camera that creates a videogame-like experience. The concept of robot dolls carrying parts of a soul is neat. Two of them becoming romantically involved however is terribly cliche and wrong. Also, once souls are freed from The Machine they fly off to the sky? Please. Still, The Machine is amazing, especially in the 'Somewhere over the rainbow' scene which is exceptionally beautiful.

  9. Ricardo Zambujo's rating of the film 9

  10. fortytwoshadesofblue's rating of the film 9

    Excellent concept and characters but failed to explore them properly.

  11. Murat Erdem's rating of the film 9

  12. marupies's rating of the film 9

    It has great visuals but a script that doesn't deliver and doesn't grasp the full potential of the post-apocalyptic world that introduces

  13. anarresti's rating of the film 9

    Interesting visual atmosphere created by the animations, color schemes and art. Clearly a post-Matrix piece, like WALL-E, set in a time where machines have succeded wiping humans out or humans have succeded destroing their chances of surviving on Earth. And, like with WALL-E, it's machines (in WALL-E, a little hard-working robot, in 9 little clockwork operated rag-doll creatures) that carry what's left of humanity.

  14. Paul Vadineanu's rating of the film 9

    the script was rather monosyllabic and the pacing was pretty off, the storytelling was that of a trailer, but i quite enjoyed it. nice feeling and world design.

  15. Fledge's rating of the film 9

    I liked the concept, but the film dragged and the characters were never developed.

  16. matias martinez's rating of the film 9

    Not available in your region... I get this a lot!!! I suppose Chile is the last place on everyone's list for arranging the rights of television and film.

  17. Locco's rating of the film 9

    Same here buddy, and I'm from Canada. I suppose Americans are the fortunate ones here. PS: Are those new unreleased films really available on here to watch? If so that's a staggeringly amazing achievement, to obtain their right for on-line viewing.

  18. nt_dlrn's rating of the film 9

    hmm,okay,i was expecting something more

  19. I AM ... MARCY FIERCE's rating of the film 9

    Stunning animation. Got me teary eyed at the last part.

  20. Joel's rating of the film 9

    Oh looks cool! ... for about ten minutes stretched to an hour and ten. Better luck next time.

  21. IAGO's rating of the film 9

  22. runfromfire's rating of the film 9

    I liked it but I can't see myself watching it again. The characters felt very two-dimensional and the story was a little stale but the overall experience wasn't unpleasant. I just think that the original short film worked much better.

  23. Willow Catelyn's rating of the film 9

    It's like Lord of the Rings but with dolls.

  24. Okkle's rating of the film 9

    There is no redeeming factor to this film. The characters are not unlikable but not endearing by any strecth, the story is nothing special especially the empty feeling ending. I respect the act of trying to make an animated film more adult, not an easy feat in a Western market full of ignorant 'animation is for kids' attitudes. But this is not the way to go about it. I really wouldn't bother with this one.

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