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  1. Photo of Paul May

    Paul May Director

  2. Photo of Ernst von Salomon

    Ernst von Salomon Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hans Hellmut Kirst

    Hans Hellmut Kirst Novel

  4. Photo of Ilse Kubaschewski

    Ilse Kubaschewski Producer

  5. Photo of Paul May

    Paul May Producer

  6. Photo of Walter Traut

    Walter Traut Producer

  7. Photo of Rolf A. Wilhelm

    Rolf A. Wilhelm Music

  8. Photo of Georg Krause

    Georg Krause Cinematography

  9. Photo of Walter Boos

    Walter Boos Editing

  10. Photo of Toni Bichl

    Toni Bichl Production Design

  11. Photo of Fritz Moegle

    Fritz Moegle Production Design

  12. Photo of Claudia Hahne-Herberg

    Claudia Hahne-Herberg Costume Design

  13. Photo of Hermann Storr

    Hermann Storr Sound

  14. Photo of Bruno Suckau

    Bruno Suckau Sound

  15. Photo of O.E. Hasse

    O.E. Hasse Cast

  16. Photo of Hannes Schiel

    Hannes Schiel Cast

  17. Photo of Gustav Knuth

    Gustav Knuth Cast

  18. Photo of Emmerich Schrenk

    Emmerich Schrenk Cast

  19. Photo of Michael Janisch

    Michael Janisch Cast

  20. Photo of Joachim Fuchsberger

    Joachim Fuchsberger Cast

  21. Photo of Stig Roland

    Stig Roland Cast

  22. Photo of Max Mairich

    Max Mairich Cast

  23. Photo of Hans Christian Blech

    Hans Christian Blech Cast

  24. Photo of Peter Carsten

    Peter Carsten Cast

  25. Photo of Renate Ewert

    Renate Ewert Cast

  26. Photo of Helen Vita

    Helen Vita Cast

  27. Photo of Edith Schultze-Westrum

    Edith Schultze-Westrum Cast

  28. Photo of Gustav Waldau

    Gustav Waldau Cast

  29. Photo of Hertha von Hagen

    Hertha von Hagen Cast

  30. Photo of Franz Essel

    Franz Essel Cast

  31. Photo of Fritz Remond

    Fritz Remond Cast

  32. Photo of Kurt Heintel

    Kurt Heintel Cast

  33. Photo of Howard Vernon

    Howard Vernon Cast

  34. Photo of Mario Adorf

    Mario Adorf Cast