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  1. Photo of Yan England

    Yan England Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Antoine-Olivier Pilon

    Antoine-Olivier Pilon Cast

  3. Photo of Sophie Nélisse

    Sophie Nélisse Cast

  4. Photo of Robert Naylor

    Robert Naylor Cast

  5. Photo of Lou-Pascal Tremblay

    Lou-Pascal Tremblay Cast

  6. Photo of Anthony Therrien

    Anthony Therrien Cast

  7. Photo of Hudson Leblanc

    Hudson Leblanc Cast

  8. Photo of Patrice Godin

    Patrice Godin Cast

  9. Photo of Guillaume Gauthier

    Guillaume Gauthier Cast

  10. Photo of David Boutin

    David Boutin Cast

  11. Photo of Irdens Exantus

    Irdens Exantus Cast

  12. Photo of Karl-Antoine Suprice

    Karl-Antoine Suprice Cast

  13. Photo of Laurie-Jade Rochon

    Laurie-Jade Rochon Cast

  14. Photo of Benoit Finley

    Benoit Finley Cast

  15. Photo of Renée Cossette

    Renée Cossette Cast

  16. Photo of Émile Mailhiot

    Émile Mailhiot Cast

  17. Photo of Ariane Jeudy

    Ariane Jeudy Cast

  18. Photo of Justine Le

    Justine Le Cast

  19. Photo of Louis-Julien Durso

    Louis-Julien Durso Cast

  20. Photo of Gabrielle Shulman

    Gabrielle Shulman Cast

  21. Photo of Jasmina Parent

    Jasmina Parent Cast

  22. Photo of Claudine Sauvé

    Claudine Sauvé Cinematography

  23. Photo of Cult Nation

    Cult Nation Music

  24. Photo of Marie-Claude Gosselin

    Marie-Claude Gosselin Production Design

  25. Photo of Diane England

    Diane England Producer

  26. Photo of Denise Robert

    Denise Robert Producer

  27. Photo of Philippe Gagnon

    Philippe Gagnon Editing

  28. Photo of Rosalie Clermont

    Rosalie Clermont Costume Design