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  1. virginwolf's rating of the film 1:54

    *SPOILER ALERT* Seriously?! We don't get Tim beating that jack-ass and telling him he should go suck some dicks maybe he would run faster then? I'm not a big fan of happy endings but with this one being so slow-motion-hyped-cliche it just jumped the shark! With an ending!

  2. Satu's rating of the film 1:54

    i didn't like this film, I didn't get the point. It felt like a generic movie about bullying

  3. gabaldian's rating of the film 1:54

    telefilme serie b que intenta unir bullying, homofobia y deporte para hacer una mala película, de lo peor que he visto en mubi

  4. Mobistruoso's rating of the film 1:54

    I have one notice, that’s movie it’s the reflect of the depression and all bad behavior of young people. That should never happen if exit correct communication.

  5. ysbil's rating of the film 1:54

    Great performance from the main actor, but rather unconvincing at the end, especially the sudden remorse of the two culprits.

  6. Joseph Orano's rating of the film 1:54

    The promising performance by its lead star is crippled by the lackluster screenplay. The film is explosive at times in its portrayal of psychological trauma and teenage tentativeness, and yet 1:54 ultimately failed when it tried to stretch its subject matter beyond any reasonable conclusion.

  7. Ocular Center's rating of the film 1:54

    Impressive film. Great acting and screenplay.

  8. Superfrog's rating of the film 1:54

    Not bad, some well managed tension and above all a screaming indictment of individualism and normalisation.

  9. Maxime's rating of the film 1:54

    Un film lumineux, un jeu fort de la part de Pilon. Le choix de la fuite ou le choix de l’attaque. Quand le mal se défend toujours par la blague et que la souffrance devient destructrice.

  10. riraru's rating of the film 1:54

    Ja, diesen Grundplot hat man schon oft gesehen, aber Mobbing passiert ja auch weiterhin an den Schulen. So lange hat es Legitimation, Filme darüber zu drehen, die schlicht die aktuelle Wirklichkeit abbilden. Der Twist am Ende ist etwas schulmeisterlich geraten. Pilon spielt wieder mal phantastisch. Insgesamt ein solides, packendes Werk.

  11. Sergey Belov's rating of the film 1:54

    Is it still an issue in France in 2016? Rly. Looks more like a russian suburbian where sodomites are still bullied and prosecuted

  12. Gustavo Leitão's rating of the film 1:54

    Bullying can either make or break you. In this case, it's not clear which way Antoine Olivier Pilon's character is heading. He is in the middle of an identity crisis while the usual jerks in school just want to expose him. It's an honest, straightforward plot, caught up in its own good intentions. Pilon's intensity provides the fresh face the film needs.

  13. Onbestendig's rating of the film 1:54

  14. Juan Javier's rating of the film 1:54

    Predecible, aburrida, ingenua y completamente innecesaria.

  15. Igor Leoni's rating of the film 1:54

  16. Colin Ginks's rating of the film 1:54

    This film squanders an opportunity to reflect poignantly on the toxicity of adolescent pressure to conform, thanks to a frankly ludicrous final act. It's an ENORMOUS shame, because much here has potential, from the lead performance to the director's ability to capture teenage behaviour naturalistically. Warning: I'm a gay man, and I found the sensationalism of the ending bordering on offensive.

  17. Epinephrin's rating of the film 1:54

    Too noisy this film, too many ideas: bullying, dead mum, sport, gay, coming of age, suicide, bombs. Just too much stuff going on. Intentions were good but they had to concentrate on something. Bad ending with no story morale. Maybe because there were so many ideas going on in this film. I dont know, I expected something else.

  18. chloe's rating of the film 1:54

    the whole film is a mash-up of cliches and clunky plot devices. there are so many amazing films about what it's like to be gay and/or a teenager and this isn't one of them. the whole film lacked credibility. the setting had potential but all the film did was disappoint.

  19. tinderness's rating of the film 1:54

    In der Falle falsch verstandener Rollenzuweisungen bleibt auch dieser Film stecken und beschreibt die Unmöglichkeit männlicher Befindlichkeit. Ein schlechter Film, weil er unfähig ist, Handlungsalternativen aufzuzeigen. Im Grunde ist das dargestellte Dilemma konstruiert und gequält konservativ: ein sehr schlechter Beitrag zur Emanzipation schwuler Männer!

  20. antoniosferreira's rating of the film 1:54

  21. Luís Silva's rating of the film 1:54

    3,5* Clean way of showing the topic

  22. Lain's rating of the film 1:54

    Buen film y buenas interpretaciones. Las cosas que trata las trata muy bien y tiene momentos muy interesantes. Decae en los momentos con cliches típicos pero me mantiene el tipo incluso en esos momentos.

  23. Camila Pardo Cerezo's rating of the film 1:54

    Tiene un comienzo interesante pero cayó muy rápido en clichés y de ahí fue (a mi parecer) decreciendo. Por otro lado me gustaron las actuaciones, bien ejecutadas.

  24. Pius Strassmann's rating of the film 1:54

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