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  1. Photo of Daniel Grou (Podz)

    Daniel Grou (Podz) Director

  2. Photo of Claude Lalonde

    Claude Lalonde Screenplay

  3. Photo of Claude Legault

    Claude Legault Cast

  4. Photo of Robert Naylor

    Robert Naylor Cast

  5. Photo of Eugénie Beaudry

    Eugénie Beaudry Cast

  6. Photo of Blaise Tardif

    Blaise Tardif Cast

  7. Photo of Martin Dubreuil

    Martin Dubreuil Cast

  8. Photo of Félixe Ross

    Félixe Ross Cast

  9. Photo of Julie Sainte-Pierre

    Julie Sainte-Pierre Cast

  10. Photo of Norman Helms

    Norman Helms Cast

  11. Photo of Mélanie Desjardins-Chavaudier

    Mélanie Desjardins-Chavaudier Cast

  12. Photo of Nathalie De Jean

    Nathalie De Jean Cast

  13. Photo of Virginie Morin

    Virginie Morin Cast

  14. Photo of Richard Frechette

    Richard Frechette Cast

  15. Photo of Monique Gosselin

    Monique Gosselin Cast

  16. Photo of Mireille Brullemans

    Mireille Brullemans Cast

  17. Photo of Michel Bérubé

    Michel Bérubé Cast

  18. Photo of Catia Cisca

    Catia Cisca Cast

  19. Photo of Albert Kwan

    Albert Kwan Cast

  20. Photo of Pascale Létourneau

    Pascale Létourneau Cast

  21. Photo of Isabelle Sasseville

    Isabelle Sasseville Cast

  22. Photo of Patrice Talbot

    Patrice Talbot Cast

  23. Photo of Bernard Couture

    Bernard Couture Cinematography

  24. Photo of Gilles Aird

    Gilles Aird Production Design

  25. Photo of Pierre Gendron

    Pierre Gendron Producer

  26. Photo of Valérie Héroux

    Valérie Héroux Editing