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  1. Photo of Nicolai Rohde

    Nicolai Rohde Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sönke Lars Neuwöhner

    Sönke Lars Neuwöhner Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sven Poser

    Sven Poser Screenplay

  4. Photo of Sigrid Hoerner

    Sigrid Hoerner Producer

  5. Photo of Anne Leppin

    Anne Leppin Producer

  6. Photo of Rainer Oleak

    Rainer Oleak Music

  7. Photo of Hannes Hubach

    Hannes Hubach Cinematography

  8. Photo of Gergana Voigt

    Gergana Voigt Editing

  9. Photo of Yesim Zolan

    Yesim Zolan Production Design

  10. Photo of Marie Bäumer

    Marie Bäumer Cast

  11. Photo of Sebastian Blomberg

    Sebastian Blomberg Cast

  12. Photo of Filip Peeters

    Filip Peeters Cast

  13. Photo of Hannah Herzsprung

    Hannah Herzsprung Cast

  14. Photo of Anna Loos

    Anna Loos Cast

  15. Photo of Wolfram Koch

    Wolfram Koch Cast

  16. Photo of Harald Schrott

    Harald Schrott Cast

  17. Photo of Irm Hermann

    Irm Hermann Cast

  18. Photo of Rolf Kanies

    Rolf Kanies Cast

  19. Photo of Olaf Burmeister

    Olaf Burmeister Cast

  20. Photo of Hilmar Eichhorn

    Hilmar Eichhorn Cast

  21. Photo of Bruno Grass

    Bruno Grass Cast

  22. Photo of Barbara Hahlweg

    Barbara Hahlweg Cast

  23. Photo of Caspar Kaeser

    Caspar Kaeser Cast

  24. Photo of Tilla Kratochwil

    Tilla Kratochwil Cast

  25. Photo of Uwe Lach

    Uwe Lach Cast

  26. Photo of Jakob Rebel

    Jakob Rebel Cast

  27. Photo of Matthias Ziesing

    Matthias Ziesing Cast