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  1. Photo of Sidney W. Pink

    Sidney W. Pink Executive Producer

  2. Photo of José María Elorrieta

    José María Elorrieta Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of José Luis Navarro

    José Luis Navarro Screenplay

  4. Photo of Manuel Hernández Sanjuán

    Manuel Hernández Sanjuán Cinematography

  5. Photo of Antonio Ramírez de Loaysa

    Antonio Ramírez de Loaysa Editing

  6. Photo of Gianni Dell'Orso

    Gianni Dell'Orso Music

  7. Photo of Nico Fidenco

    Nico Fidenco Music

  8. Photo of Luciana Paluzzi

    Luciana Paluzzi Cast

  9. Photo of Jeff Cooper

    Jeff Cooper Cast

  10. Photo of Raf Vallone

    Raf Vallone Cast

  11. Photo of Perla Cristal

    Perla Cristal Cast

  12. Photo of Rubén Rojo

    Rubén Rojo Cast

  13. Photo of Ricardo Palacios

    Ricardo Palacios Cast

  14. Photo of Ana Casares

    Ana Casares Cast

  15. Photo of Tomás Blanco

    Tomás Blanco Cast

  16. Photo of Brigitte St. John

    Brigitte St. John Cast

  17. Photo of Barta Barri

    Barta Barri Cast

  18. Photo of Charly Bravo

    Charly Bravo Cast

  19. Photo of Guillermo Méndez

    Guillermo Méndez Cast

  20. Photo of Adolfo Thous

    Adolfo Thous Cast

  21. Photo of Paul Naschy

    Paul Naschy Cast