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  1. Photo of Francesco del Grosso

    Francesco del Grosso Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Salvatore Allocca

    Salvatore Allocca Producer

  3. Photo of Matteo Gili

    Matteo Gili Producer

  4. Photo of Daniele Esposito

    Daniele Esposito Screenplay and Producer

  5. Photo of Daniele Anzellotti

    Daniele Anzellotti Cinematography

  6. Photo of Agostino Di Bartolomei

    Agostino Di Bartolomei Cast

  7. Photo of Ernesto Alicicco

    Ernesto Alicicco Cast

  8. Photo of Franco Baresi

    Franco Baresi Cast

  9. Photo of Enrico Bendoni

    Enrico Bendoni Cast

  10. Photo of Pasquale Calvani

    Pasquale Calvani Cast

  11. Photo of Nino Celli

    Nino Celli Cast

  12. Photo of Odoacre Chierico

    Odoacre Chierico Cast

  13. Photo of Bruno Conti

    Bruno Conti Cast

  14. Photo of Vincenzo De Luca

    Vincenzo De Luca Cast

  15. Photo of Marisa De Santis

    Marisa De Santis Cast

  16. Photo of Luca Di Bartolomei

    Luca Di Bartolomei Cast

  17. Photo of Curzio Maltese

    Curzio Maltese Cast

  18. Photo of Gennaro Malzone

    Gennaro Malzone Cast

  19. Photo of Sergio Malzone

    Sergio Malzone Cast

  20. Photo of Alberto Mandolesi

    Alberto Mandolesi Cast

  21. Photo of Corrado Mezzanotte

    Corrado Mezzanotte Cast

  22. Photo of Paolo Moccia

    Paolo Moccia Cast

  23. Photo of Sebastiano Nela

    Sebastiano Nela Cast

  24. Photo of Gerardo Palmisano

    Gerardo Palmisano Cast

  25. Photo of Michele Plastino

    Michele Plastino Cast

  26. Photo of Francesca Sofia Allegra

    Francesca Sofia Allegra Editing

  27. Photo of Raffaele Inno

    Raffaele Inno Music

  28. Photo of Daniele Guarnera

    Daniele Guarnera Sound

  29. Photo of Marco Saitta

    Marco Saitta Sound