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  1. Photo of Shôhei Imamura

    Shôhei Imamura Director

  2. Photo of Samira Makhmalbaf

    Samira Makhmalbaf Director, Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mira Nair

    Mira Nair Director

  4. Photo of Sean Penn

    Sean Penn Director, Screenplay

  5. Photo of Alejandro González Iñárritu

    Alejandro González Iñárritu Screenplay, Director, Producer, Editing

  6. Photo of Youssef Chahine

    Youssef Chahine Screenplay, Director

  7. Photo of Sabrina Dhawan

    Sabrina Dhawan Screenplay

  8. Photo of Amos Gitaï

    Amos Gitaï Screenplay, Director

  9. Photo of Paul Laverty

    Paul Laverty Screenplay

  10. Photo of Claude Lelouch

    Claude Lelouch Screenplay, Director

  11. Photo of Ken Loach

    Ken Loach Screenplay, Director

  12. Photo of Idrissa Ouedraogo

    Idrissa Ouedraogo Screenplay, Director

  13. Photo of Marie-José Branco

    Marie-José Branco Screenplay

  14. Photo of Danis Tanović

    Danis Tanović Screenplay, Director

  15. Photo of Daisuke Tengan

    Daisuke Tengan Screenplay

  16. Photo of Pierre Uytterhoeven

    Pierre Uytterhoeven Screenplay

  17. Photo of Maryam Karimi

    Maryam Karimi Cast

  18. Photo of Emmanuelle Laborit

    Emmanuelle Laborit Cast

  19. Photo of Jérôme Horry

    Jérôme Horry Cast

  20. Photo of Nour El-Sherif

    Nour El-Sherif Cast

  21. Photo of Ahmed Haroun

    Ahmed Haroun Cast

  22. Photo of Dzana Pinjo

    Dzana Pinjo Cast

  23. Photo of Aleksandar Seksan

    Aleksandar Seksan Cast

  24. Photo of Ernest Borgnine

    Ernest Borgnine Cast

  25. Photo of Taleb Adlah

    Taleb Adlah Cast

  26. Photo of Jake Bern

    Jake Bern Cast

  27. Photo of Tetsurô Tanba

    Tetsurô Tanba Cast

  28. Photo of Nicolas Mauvernay

    Nicolas Mauvernay Producer

  29. Photo of Jacques Perrin

    Jacques Perrin Producer

  30. Photo of Michael Brook

    Michael Brook Music

  31. Photo of Mohammad Reza Darvishi

    Mohammad Reza Darvishi Music

  32. Photo of Manu Dibango

    Manu Dibango Music

  33. Photo of Osvaldo Golijov

    Osvaldo Golijov Music

  34. Photo of Tarô Iwashiro

    Tarô Iwashiro Music

  35. Photo of Salif Keita

    Salif Keita Music

  36. Photo of Heitor Pereira

    Heitor Pereira Music

  37. Photo of Gustavo Santaolalla

    Gustavo Santaolalla Music

  38. Photo of Samuel Bayer

    Samuel Bayer Cinematography

  39. Photo of Luc Drion

    Luc Drion Cinematography

  40. Photo of Ebrahim Ghafori

    Ebrahim Ghafori Cinematography

  41. Photo of Pierre-William Glenn

    Pierre-William Glenn Cinematography

  42. Photo of Yoav Kosh

    Yoav Kosh Cinematography

  43. Photo of Jorge Müller Silva

    Jorge Müller Silva Cinematography

  44. Photo of Mustafa Mustafić

    Mustafa Mustafić Cinematography

  45. Photo of Mohsen Nasr

    Mohsen Nasr Cinematography

  46. Photo of Masakazu Oka

    Masakazu Oka Cinematography

  47. Photo of Declan Quinn

    Declan Quinn Cinematography

  48. Photo of Nigel Willoughby

    Nigel Willoughby Cinematography