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  1. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    The blood is digital. It took me out of it. Otherwise, very good.

  2. ermete polpette's rating of the film 13 Assassins

  3. Wee Hunk's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    The reason so many films want to be 'The 7 Samurai' is because it's so special. This movie is certainly quite beautiful and has nice character pieces. It's a bit strange to so Miike so restrained. No magical realism here. It's probably why it did so well at the box office.

  4. Elia Canevascini's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    Vi piacciono i samurai? Guardate questo film

  5. bagno's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    non so neanche come descriverlo

  6. Praise Baby's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    not even worth a star. - carl sagan

  7. pezfelinoespia's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    Esperaba mucho más, no se desarrollaron bien varios personajes, me imagino que al ser 13 complico en ese tema... tal vez 7 era el número correcto jejejeje lo mejor vendría a ser la batalla, la cual ocupa gran parte de la película en desmedro de mejorar la trama, un sacrificio que los amantes de las batallas lo agradecen, pero en mi caso prefiero una trama que me mantenga observando la pantalla por un par de horas.

  8. Serena Doe's rating of the film 13 Assassins

  9. Chris's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    9/10 - they could've shown only the limbless girl bit and i still would've hated Naritsugu just as much, the further evils only confirmed the hate

  10. Egoisms's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    Cliched, derivative, uninspired. A completely unnecessary film. One powerful scene with dismembered woman, TOTAL MASSACRE, otherwise a waste best neglected.

  11. ammar's rating of the film 13 Assassins

  12. SBERB's rating of the film 13 Assassins

  13. Skinnedteen's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    "Samurai's Not Dead" should be the title. Basically a bunch of post-Samurai/warriors going into war to confront death to feel alive and relevant.

  14. Isaac Blaine Suttle's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    Rating: 3.8/5 The final battle sequence between the '13 Assassins' and their 200 enemies is extremely well executed and thrilling, but what is even more impressive is the surprising amount of character depth the film contains.

  15. the_mentaculus's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    Those that say Miike is playing it straight are ignoring his sinister, sly smile. Miike's work has always been about exaggeration, and here the stab is at bushido and patriarchy - which is why the sadism and melodrama, respectively, works. There is a lot to love, from the candlelit cinematography to Koji Yakusho, who completely carries the film, as he always does.

  16. Bram Vroonland's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    The plot wasn't all that let's be honest. This movie shines in doing what it's supposed to do, show us highly stylized and glorified violence. Other than that it won't show you anything you hadn't already expected to see in the first place.

  17. Johnny Mislow's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    Speechless. Beautifully choreographed, organised, layed out. The rest, bleeds lyricism and violence. Just stunning.

  18. sebastiaen's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    A beautiful, poetic, and sometimes violent movie that is going to make you want to watch more samurai movies. A masterpiece.

  19. Eric Rucker's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    "Being a samurai is truly a burden. Do what you want with your life." So many reviews and nobody seems to get the point. This is meant to be the last samurai movie. Meaning: get over samurai movies and fall in love, do some good. Find and make beauty that does not carry a freight of violence with it. Elegance is unimportant, honor is unimportant. Life and everyday human experience is important. Another poor Our Take.

  20. mpho3's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    "Do you know the secret to fishing?" - Shinzaemon Shimada. A heinous villain, great sword work sans the stylized, gravity-defying feats that have come to dominate movie fights, and a valiant good guy contingent. However, it was hard to get oriented in the first third, and the fight, glorious as it was, was exhausting. Seven Samurai keeps the title, but 13 Assassins is a slick contender. 3.5

  21. Mogambo's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    The language barrier hurt my viewing of the 1st half. It was difficult for me to get into the plot leading up to the battle. I wasn't sure of everyone's identity and motives taking away from the characterizations. The battle scenes are choreographed well. It should get repetitive but doesn't. And the psychology of the battles never feels preposterous as they should when you have hand to hand combat of 13 vs 200 men.

  22. SlinkyLi's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    I'd avoided Miike's work before due to his reputation for gruesome content. This movie had unsavory moments, but they were not egregiously unnecessary. As predicted, it had similarities with Seven Samurai, but executed well. Violent battle.

  23. noahboahk's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    Only 4* because 7 Samurai is an unbeatable template film for this genre.

  24. Kate Tallent's rating of the film 13 Assassins

    Samurai don't play. Swordplay on steroids, honor, and duty feature heavily in this film which is essentially the Dirty Dozen meets the code of the Samurai. Loyalty to the Shogun is explained merely so narrative makes sense leading up to the epic fight scene. The Ronin character is a scene stealer.

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