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  1. Photo of Oliver Hirschbiegel

    Oliver Hirschbiegel Director

  2. Photo of Christian Friedel

    Christian Friedel Cast

  3. Photo of Katharina Schüttler

    Katharina Schüttler Cast

  4. Photo of Burghart Klaußner

    Burghart Klaußner Cast

  5. Photo of Johann von Bülow

    Johann von Bülow Cast

  6. Photo of Felix Eitner

    Felix Eitner Cast

  7. Photo of David Zimmerschied

    David Zimmerschied Cast

  8. Photo of Rüdiger Klink

    Rüdiger Klink Cast

  9. Photo of Simon Licht

    Simon Licht Cast

  10. Photo of Cornelia Köndgen

    Cornelia Köndgen Cast

  11. Photo of Lissy Pernthaler

    Lissy Pernthaler Cast

  12. Photo of Judith Kaufmann

    Judith Kaufmann Cinematography

  13. Photo of Alexander Dittner

    Alexander Dittner Editing

  14. Photo of David Holmes

    David Holmes Music

  15. Photo of Benedikt Herforth

    Benedikt Herforth Production Design

  16. Photo of Thomas Stammer

    Thomas Stammer Production Design

  17. Photo of Fred Breinersdorfer

    Fred Breinersdorfer Screenplay

  18. Photo of Udo Schenk

    Udo Schenk Cast

  19. Photo of Martin Maria Abram

    Martin Maria Abram Cast

  20. Photo of Michael Kranz

    Michael Kranz Cast

  21. Photo of Gerti Drassl

    Gerti Drassl Cast

  22. Photo of Anna Unterberger

    Anna Unterberger Cast