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  1. Photo of Kyle Patrick Alvarez

    Kyle Patrick Alvarez Director

  2. Photo of Tom McCarthy

    Tom McCarthy Director

  3. Photo of Gregg Araki

    Gregg Araki Director

  4. Photo of Helen Shaver

    Helen Shaver Director

  5. Photo of Carl Franklin

    Carl Franklin Director

  6. Photo of Jessica Yu

    Jessica Yu Director

  7. Photo of Dylan Minnette

    Dylan Minnette Cast

  8. Photo of Katherine Langford

    Katherine Langford Cast

  9. Photo of Christian Navarro

    Christian Navarro Cast

  10. Photo of Alisha Boe

    Alisha Boe Cast

  11. Photo of Brandon Flynn

    Brandon Flynn Cast

  12. Photo of Justin Prentice

    Justin Prentice Cast

  13. Photo of Miles Heizer

    Miles Heizer Cast

  14. Photo of Ross Butler

    Ross Butler Cast

  15. Photo of Devin Druid

    Devin Druid Cast

  16. Photo of Amy Hargreaves

    Amy Hargreaves Cast

  17. Photo of Derek Luke

    Derek Luke Cast

  18. Photo of Kate Walsh

    Kate Walsh Cast

  19. Photo of Jay Asher

    Jay Asher Screenplay

  20. Photo of Brian Yorkey

    Brian Yorkey Screenplay