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  1. Photo of Ilya Ilf

    Ilya Ilf Screenplay

  2. Photo of Yevgeni Petrov

    Yevgeni Petrov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Per Schwenzen

    Per Schwenzen Screenplay

  4. Photo of E.W. Emo

    E.W. Emo Producer, Screenplay, Director

  5. Photo of Nico Dostal

    Nico Dostal Music

  6. Photo of Eduard Hoesch

    Eduard Hoesch Cinematography

  7. Photo of Munni Obal

    Munni Obal Editing

  8. Photo of Julius von Borsody

    Julius von Borsody Production Design

  9. Photo of Paul Kemetter

    Paul Kemetter Sound

  10. Photo of Heinz Rühmann

    Heinz Rühmann Cast

  11. Photo of Hans Moser

    Hans Moser Cast

  12. Photo of Annie Rosar

    Annie Rosar Cast

  13. Photo of Inge List

    Inge List Cast

  14. Photo of Hedwig Bleibtreu

    Hedwig Bleibtreu Cast

  15. Photo of Menta Egies

    Menta Egies Cast

  16. Photo of Karl Skraup

    Karl Skraup Cast

  17. Photo of Alfred Neugebauer

    Alfred Neugebauer Cast

  18. Photo of Maria Waldner

    Maria Waldner Cast

  19. Photo of Rudolf Carl

    Rudolf Carl Cast

  20. Photo of Walter Huber

    Walter Huber Cast

  21. Photo of Pepi Glöckner-Kramer

    Pepi Glöckner-Kramer Cast

  22. Photo of Wilhelm Tauchen

    Wilhelm Tauchen Cast

  23. Photo of Hans Unterkircher

    Hans Unterkircher Cast

  24. Photo of Karl Günther

    Karl Günther Cast

  25. Photo of Kurt Reding

    Kurt Reding Cast

  26. Photo of Ferdinand Mayerhofer

    Ferdinand Mayerhofer Cast

  27. Photo of Ernst Reitter

    Ernst Reitter Cast