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  1. Graf von Zahl's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    I was almost as surprised by "the tournament" as the main character must've been. Movie is raw, but it only helps in this case!

  2. Jacques de Villiers's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    A fresh genre exercise lovingly indebted to its B&W criminal ancestors and shot through with the aesthetic bravado of a pic like La Haine. Some peeps compare it to Tarantino, but this movie lacks the attention he gives to fleshing out his characters. Ultimately these people rarely felt real to me, which also prevented the bleak onscreen world from every feeling like more than a figment of the filmmakers' imaginations

  3. soniczny's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

  4. Kaonashiii's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    Ok, so I've seen it before, but what a film..! Seriously tempted to deduct anywhere up to all the stars however for the existence of director's Jason Statham-featuring American remake, because WTAF??

  5. VincentVendetta's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    Nothing more than an extended short film, a single scene repeated over and over again without tension or investment - it's all down to luck, what does it matter? This is what happens when your main cinematic inspiration is La Haine.

  6. Adam Laurence Pitt's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

  7. fane2808's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    Amateur hour, all around. Story - far-fetched with inconsistent plot and sub-plots. Ending - predictable and set up since mid film. Actors - really bad, some shouting their lines when it wasn’t necessary, some not kmowing actually how to act. Director - probably watched too many Dogma films and wanted to make one, which really misfired, as one has to be a Dane to understand the whole concept and execute it.

  8. BSN's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    Acceptable exercice de style, qui invite autant les séquences de la roulette russe de Voyage Au Pays De L'enfer que l'esprit de mort des personnages à la Melville.

  9. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

  10. msmichel's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    Dynamite debut from director Gela Babluani that is both novel in design and exciting as hell to watch. Unfortunately the director has failed to make anything else of note in the decade plus since. The stark b&w images add to this hellish story of survival, greed and resignation. Kudos.

  11. Miki Foster's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

  12. lou.'s rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    Réalisation impeccable, c'est tout simplement un film «haut de gamme»: cinématographie en noir et blanc franchement formidable, écriture minimale et tendue, presque intolérable tant que j'ai détourné mes yeux plusieur fois... pour revenir sur l'image tout de suite après. Absolument à voir, à bout de souffle.

  13. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    Masterfully crafted. There are shades of classic Hollywood melodrama in the first thirty minutes (the lighting!... The curtains!...) and then it veers off to Goto or somewhere equally operatic and depraved.

  14. samuraiargento's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    espesa, profundamente dramática y narrada con maestría, 13 tzameti es una obra original y escalofriante. existe una versión norteamericana, dirigida y escrita por el mismo autor (calcada, secuencia por secuencia) que no llega al mismo nivel expresivo, muy probablemente por el uso del color, que le quita una parte de la atmosfera opresiva y feroz. EXCELENTE.

  15. Alex Doca's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    Although I think a lot of things could have been better about this movie, I found it to be a decent attempt at cinema.

  16. eirka's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    dobar film, razvoj price nije predvidljiv, makar u trenutku da sam shvatila sto ce se dogodit s deckom, postaje jako napet.neki glumci su bili mozda malo plitki, ali duel je bio jako dobro glumljen, mogao si pratiti zadnje misli umiruceg. zanimljiv, makar deterministiscki, kraj.

  17. Eric Rucker's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    Pseudo-Camus allegory of oligarchs driving the economic underclass and immigrants to kill each other. Lots of real world parallels: drugs pushed in to flood black neighborhoods in America, drive-by shootings and ODs do the work of the Klan and strikebreakers, poor kids sent to kill muslims for oil. But this movie got lost in Tarantinoland. All style, all head (though not much of either), and no heart, not even black.

  18. toutoinot's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    Film basé sur une séquence de roulette russe multiple assez prenante mais les personnages sont un peu archétypaux. On aurait aimé moins de non-dits et un peu plus de liant.

  19. zoerose's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    Yep, looks exactly like a filmmaker's first film. It's what's "Following" is for Christopher Nolan. The beginning of something. Babluani could well turn into a great heist and crime movie director.

  20. DPach's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    Such a good film at creating at first mystery and then jumping into tension.

  21. Matt French's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    Not what I was expecting. Very tense. Excellent.

  22. captainfez's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    Mountain Dew's next sponsorship opportunity.

  23. DrFirestone's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    I enjoyed the visual style. It starts slow, then it suddenly kicks off... I have to admit, it gets rather tense, but the "reveal" and the plot itself makes the whole rather predictable - that creates a strange mix of a gripping mid-section with an almost certain outcome. The police subplot is quite pointless.

  24. Ursule Piscine's rating of the film 13 Tzameti

    Bon, vraiment bof bof. Au début, j'ai cru que c'était Taxi Driver version sicilienne, avec un 6 coups sur la tempe de Roberta De Nero, mais alors là, j'ai assisté à un mix entre La péninsule du kiwi Jirhäfar et Belles comme des cuissaux de Mart Heinchteg. Vraiment déçue, je suis allé chercher un panini au Tesco d'à côté juste après le visionnage. Ça m'a un peu requinqué mais mon âme était toujours dans la brousse. PL

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