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  1. Photo of Daniel Lee

    Daniel Lee Director, Production Design Screenplay

  2. Photo of Abe Kwong

    Abe Kwong Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mak Tin Shu

    Mak Tin Shu Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lau Ho Leung

    Lau Ho Leung Screenplay

  5. Photo of Donnie Yen

    Donnie Yen Cast

  6. Photo of Zhao Wei

    Zhao Wei Cast

  7. Photo of Law Kar-Ying

    Law Kar-Ying Cast

  8. Photo of Ma Wu

    Ma Wu Cast

  9. Photo of Xu Xiang-Dong

    Xu Xiang-Dong Cast

  10. Photo of Tony Cheung

    Tony Cheung Cinematography

  11. Photo of Henry Lai

    Henry Lai Music

  12. Photo of Ann An

    Ann An Producer

  13. Photo of Susanna Tsang

    Susanna Tsang Producer

  14. Photo of Wang Tianyun

    Wang Tianyun Producer

  15. Photo of Gao Jun

    Gao Jun Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Wang Zhongliang

    Wang Zhongliang Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Daniel Yun

    Daniel Yun Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Li Yan

    Li Yan Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Liang Ting

    Liang Ting Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Liu Zhiyuan

    Liu Zhiyuan Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Long Xubqin

    Long Xubqin Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Ren Zhong-lun

    Ren Zhong-lun Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Joanna Wang

    Joanna Wang Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Cheung Ka-Fai

    Cheung Ka-Fai Editing

  25. Photo of Tang Man To

    Tang Man To Editing