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  1. Photo of Roland Suso Richter

    Roland Suso Richter Director

  2. Photo of Holger Karsten Schmidt

    Holger Karsten Schmidt Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kai Wiesinger

    Kai Wiesinger Cast

  4. Photo of Michael Mendl

    Michael Mendl Cast

  5. Photo of Katharina Meinecke

    Katharina Meinecke Cast

  6. Photo of Axel Pape

    Axel Pape Cast

  7. Photo of Sylvia Leifheit

    Sylvia Leifheit Cast

  8. Photo of Jürgen Schornagel

    Jürgen Schornagel Cast

  9. Photo of Axel Milberg

    Axel Milberg Cast

  10. Photo of Marek Wlodarczyk

    Marek Wlodarczyk Cast

  11. Photo of Detlef Bothe

    Detlef Bothe Cast

  12. Photo of Rolf Illig

    Rolf Illig Cast

  13. Photo of Martin Langer

    Martin Langer Cinematography

  14. Photo of Ulrich Reuter

    Ulrich Reuter Music

  15. Photo of Christoph Gracian Schubert

    Christoph Gracian Schubert Music

  16. Photo of Matthias Kammermeier

    Matthias Kammermeier Production Design

  17. Photo of Martin Heldmann

    Martin Heldmann Producer

  18. Photo of Werner Koenig

    Werner Koenig Producer

  19. Photo of Günther Degenfelder

    Günther Degenfelder Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Peter R. Adam

    Peter R. Adam Editing