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  1. Photo of Mary Lambert

    Mary Lambert Director

  2. Photo of Annette Bening

    Annette Bening Self

  3. Photo of Kay Bailey Hutchison

    Kay Bailey Hutchison Self

  4. Photo of Blanche Lincoln

    Blanche Lincoln Self

  5. Photo of Barbara Boxer

    Barbara Boxer Self

  6. Photo of Mary Landrieu

    Mary Landrieu Self

  7. Photo of Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton Self

  8. Photo of Olympia Snowe

    Olympia Snowe Self

  9. Photo of Debbie Stabenow

    Debbie Stabenow Self

  10. Photo of Lisa Murkowski

    Lisa Murkowski Self

  11. Photo of Patty Murray

    Patty Murray Self

  12. Photo of Elizabeth Dole

    Elizabeth Dole Self

  13. Photo of Maria Cantwell

    Maria Cantwell Self

  14. Photo of Susan Collins

    Susan Collins Self

  15. Photo of Dianne Feinstein

    Dianne Feinstein Self

  16. Photo of Barbara Mikulski

    Barbara Mikulski Self