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  1. mgaspa's rating of the film 15

  2. Chad Hardy's rating of the film 15

    This is really haunting and beautiful. A true indictment of what we think of as progress in SE Asia. My only issue with the short is that it drags you out right at the moment you realize how bad things are likely to go for these three. The full film is not as nice to the viewer, and I think that is what works about it. The short is nice, but, as someone else said here, it's almost cute.

  3. mytnoh's rating of the film 15

    Loved it. Woozy, unsettled and dirty; blessed with spot-on scripting, humour and heart.

  4. Pymo's rating of the film 15

    A fast forward teenage.

  5. Shlomo Malkovich's rating of the film 15

    Exceptionally frenetic Amazingly real Fucking Holy Shit these kids are bonkers. Reminded me of KIDS, of course because they are totally in the moment, just as you are when life does not matter, tomorrow is not promised, so may as well have some fun and help a kid find the perfect architecturally sound suicide segue to whatever is after this.

  6. kaidan's rating of the film 15

    alongside larry clarks kids. Interesting movie. Its a must see.

  7. EGGSALAD's rating of the film 15

    probably the most awkward mix between scott pilgrim, kids and trainspotting i have seen for a while...

  8. msmichel's rating of the film 15

    Why the comparisons to Larry Clark's 'Kids"? Clarks film was an amazing finger on the pulse moment in time while this short by Tan seems more videogame/young and dangerous/hip oriented. Not bad but certainly nothing special. Short was expanded into a feature the following year.

  9. maurousuga's rating of the film 15

  10. leefurfur's rating of the film 15

    ao ao bung sai kao singapo bo bue chao

  11. Marco Tassinari's rating of the film 15

    I didn't think a movie could join cinéma vérité, experimentation, seriousness and provocation, in this interesting way.

  12. goeienag's rating of the film 15

    This movie's outrageous! Brilliantly made. It's like Ichi the Killer's little brother.

  13. Tyler Aikens's rating of the film 15

    Why all the hate? This movie absolutely kicks ass.