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  1. Photo of Mariam Abou Ouf

    Mariam Abou Ouf Director

  2. Photo of Kamla Abu Zikri

    Kamla Abu Zikri Director

  3. Photo of Ahmed Alaa

    Ahmed Alaa Director

  4. Photo of Mohamed Ali

    Mohamed Ali Director

  5. Photo of Sherif El Bendary

    Sherif El Bendary Director and Screenplay

  6. Photo of Marwan Hamed

    Marwan Hamed Director

  7. Photo of Khaled Marei

    Khaled Marei Director and Editing

  8. Photo of Sherif Arafa

    Sherif Arafa Director and Screenplay

  9. Photo of Belal Fadl

    Belal Fadl Screenplay

  10. Photo of Abbas Abou El Hassan

    Abbas Abou El Hassan Screenplay

  11. Photo of Atef Nashed

    Atef Nashed Screenplay

  12. Photo of Ahmed Helmy

    Ahmed Helmy Screenplay and Self

  13. Photo of Ahmad Abdalla

    Ahmad Abdalla Screenplay and Director

  14. Photo of Tamer Habib

    Tamer Habib Screenplay

  15. Photo of Yousry Nasrallah

    Yousry Nasrallah Screenplay, Cinematography, Director Producer

  16. Photo of Nasser Abdel-Rahmane

    Nasser Abdel-Rahmane Screenplay

  17. Photo of Mona Zaki

    Mona Zaki Self

  18. Photo of Ahmed Dawood

    Ahmed Dawood Self

  19. Photo of Ahmed El Feshawy

    Ahmed El Feshawy Self

  20. Photo of Ahmed Fouad Selim

    Ahmed Fouad Selim Self

  21. Photo of Ayman Abou El Makarem

    Ayman Abou El Makarem Cinematography

  22. Photo of Youssef Labib

    Youssef Labib Cinematography

  23. Photo of Ahmed el Morsy

    Ahmed el Morsy Cinematography

  24. Photo of Ahmed Mostafa

    Ahmed Mostafa Cinematography

  25. Photo of Vicxtor Credl

    Vicxtor Credl Cinematography

  26. Photo of Ahmed Youssef

    Ahmed Youssef Cinematography

  27. Photo of Tarek Hefny

    Tarek Hefny Cinematography

  28. Photo of Omar Khairat

    Omar Khairat Music

  29. Photo of Mohamed Abozekry

    Mohamed Abozekry Music

  30. Photo of Heejaz

    Heejaz Music

  31. Photo of Ibrahim Shamel

    Ibrahim Shamel Music

  32. Photo of Amir Khalaf

    Amir Khalaf Music

  33. Photo of Wael Badrawy

    Wael Badrawy Music

  34. Photo of Bassel Hossam

    Bassel Hossam Production Design

  35. Photo of Nihal Farouk

    Nihal Farouk Production Design

  36. Photo of Basel Hossam

    Basel Hossam Production Design

  37. Photo of Amin El Masry

    Amin El Masry Producer

  38. Photo of Ehab El Koury

    Ehab El Koury Producer

  39. Photo of Fadi Fahim

    Fadi Fahim Producer

  40. Photo of Mohamed Hefzy

    Mohamed Hefzy Producer

  41. Photo of Hassan El Touny

    Hassan El Touny Editing

  42. Photo of Mona Rabie

    Mona Rabie Editing

  43. Photo of Ahmed Hafez

    Ahmed Hafez Editing

  44. Photo of Dalia El Nasser

    Dalia El Nasser Editing

  45. Photo of Hisham Saqr

    Hisham Saqr Editing

  46. Photo of Gomaa Abdel Latif

    Gomaa Abdel Latif Sound

  47. Photo of Mohamed Hassib

    Mohamed Hassib Sound

  48. Photo of Tamer El Demerdash

    Tamer El Demerdash Sound

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