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Ratings & Reviews

  1. muh.'s rating of the film 180° South

    (2.5) if it weren't for yvon and doug i probably would have nicked off 0.5 points. it's not horribly bad but it's bland, especially when you see the places they got to visit and all you can think of is "meh, i've seen ads that are more inspiring".

  2. Steven Dawson's rating of the film 180° South

    A pleasant outdoorsy/inspirationy doc with some nice moments which does veer towards the annoying at times but just narrowly avoids becoming too trite.

  3. Jim Cee's rating of the film 180° South

    Rapa Nui, though not the centrepiece, is an alarming metaphor for our incessant ecocide.

  4. ara's rating of the film 180° South

    i want to run away forever

  5. Rui Macedo's rating of the film 180° South

    Looks like an ordinary sports and lifestyle documentary - it actually starts like it - but when you get to a middle of it, its a profund insight on the impact that nature has in today's lifestyle, society and the on the people that refuse the path where it is going. Naive and lightminded at times the movie sets a tone for a look over some of nature's finest moments!