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  1. Photo of Enzo G. Castellari

    Enzo G. Castellari Director, Cast Screenplay

  2. Photo of Elisa Briganti

    Elisa Briganti Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dardano Sacchetti

    Dardano Sacchetti Screenplay

  4. Photo of Christopher Connelly

    Christopher Connelly Cast

  5. Photo of Fred Williamson

    Fred Williamson Cast

  6. Photo of Vic Morrow

    Vic Morrow Cast

  7. Photo of Mark Gregory

    Mark Gregory Cast

  8. Photo of Stefania Girolami Goodwin

    Stefania Girolami Goodwin Cast

  9. Photo of Ennio Girolami

    Ennio Girolami Cast

  10. Photo of George Eastman

    George Eastman Cast

  11. Photo of Joshua Sinclair

    Joshua Sinclair Cast

  12. Photo of Betty Dessy

    Betty Dessy Cast

  13. Photo of Rocco Lerro

    Rocco Lerro Cast

  14. Photo of Massimo Vanni

    Massimo Vanni Cast

  15. Photo of Angelo Ragusa

    Angelo Ragusa Cast

  16. Photo of Carla Brait

    Carla Brait Cast

  17. Photo of Sergio Salvati

    Sergio Salvati Cinematography

  18. Photo of Walter Rizzati

    Walter Rizzati Music

  19. Photo of Massimo Lentini

    Massimo Lentini Production Design

  20. Photo of Fabrizio De Angelis

    Fabrizio De Angelis Producer

  21. Photo of Gianfranco Amicucci

    Gianfranco Amicucci Editing