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  1. Photo of Manon Briand

    Manon Briand Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Charlotte Laurier

    Charlotte Laurier Cast

  3. Photo of Dino Tavarone

    Dino Tavarone Cast

  4. Photo of Jonathan Bolduc

    Jonathan Bolduc Cast

  5. Photo of Pascal Auclair

    Pascal Auclair Cast

  6. Photo of Suzanne Clément

    Suzanne Clément Cast

  7. Photo of Yves Pelletier

    Yves Pelletier Cast

  8. Photo of André Brassard

    André Brassard Cast

  9. Photo of Louise Forestier

    Louise Forestier Cast

  10. Photo of France Galarneau

    France Galarneau Cast

  11. Photo of JiCi Lauzon

    JiCi Lauzon Cast

  12. Photo of Alexis Belec

    Alexis Belec Cast

  13. Photo of Jude Antoine Jarda

    Jude Antoine Jarda Cast

  14. Photo of Louise Archambault

    Louise Archambault Cinematography

  15. Photo of Pierre Crépô

    Pierre Crépô Cinematography

  16. Photo of James Gray

    James Gray Cinematography

  17. Photo of Dominique Grand

    Dominique Grand Music

  18. Photo of Sylvain-Charles Grand

    Sylvain-Charles Grand Music

  19. Photo of Pierre Allard

    Pierre Allard Production Design

  20. Photo of Roger Frappier

    Roger Frappier Producer

  21. Photo of Richard Comeau

    Richard Comeau Editing