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  1. Photo of Nathan Juran

    Nathan Juran Director

  2. Photo of Charles H. Schneer

    Charles H. Schneer Producer

  3. Photo of Christopher Knopf

    Christopher Knopf Screenplay

  4. Photo of Robert Creighton Williams

    Robert Creighton Williams Screenplay

  5. Photo of Charlotte Knight

    Charlotte Knight Screenplay

  6. Photo of Irving Lippman

    Irving Lippman Cinematography

  7. Photo of Carlo Ventimiglia

    Carlo Ventimiglia Cinematography

  8. Photo of William Hopper

    William Hopper Cast

  9. Photo of Joan Taylor

    Joan Taylor Cast

  10. Photo of Frank Puglia

    Frank Puglia Cast

  11. Photo of John Zaremba

    John Zaremba Cast

  12. Photo of Rollin Moriyama

    Rollin Moriyama Cast

  13. Photo of Edwin H. Bryant

    Edwin H. Bryant Editing

  14. Photo of Thomas Browne Henry

    Thomas Browne Henry Cast

  15. Photo of Tito Vuolo

    Tito Vuolo Cast

  16. Photo of Arthur Space

    Arthur Space Cast

  17. Photo of Bart Braverman

    Bart Braverman Cast

  18. Photo of Cary Odell

    Cary Odell Production Design

  19. Photo of Lambert E. Day

    Lambert E. Day Sound

  20. Photo of Ray Harryhausen

    Ray Harryhausen Animation