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  1. Photo of Joaquim Leitão

    Joaquim Leitão Director

  2. Photo of Tino Navarro

    Tino Navarro Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Luís Lopes

    Luís Lopes Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marco D'Almeida

    Marco D'Almeida Cast

  5. Photo of Ivo Canelas

    Ivo Canelas Cast

  6. Photo of Pedro Varela

    Pedro Varela Cast

  7. Photo of Dinarte de Freitas

    Dinarte de Freitas Cast

  8. Photo of Afonso Pimentel

    Afonso Pimentel Cast

  9. Photo of Eduardo Frazão

    Eduardo Frazão Cast

  10. Photo of Manuel Sá Pessoa

    Manuel Sá Pessoa Cast

  11. Photo of Carla Chambel

    Carla Chambel Cast

  12. Photo of Maya Booth

    Maya Booth Cast

  13. Photo of Adriano Carvalho

    Adriano Carvalho Cast

  14. Photo of Nuno Gil

    Nuno Gil Cast

  15. Photo of Nuno Nunes

    Nuno Nunes Cast

  16. Photo of Quimbé

    Quimbé Cast

  17. Photo of Kika da Costa Campos

    Kika da Costa Campos Production Design

  18. Photo of Pedro Ribeiro

    Pedro Ribeiro Editing