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  1. Squashua's rating of the film 21 Grams

    A thousand jigsaw pieces of death, new life, pain and salvation, greying and tattered at the seams, fitted together in the wrong formation but still creating a picture of the utmost despair. Fantastic performances across the board but found it slightly harder to get into initially than Amores Perros.

  2. mauricio's rating of the film 21 Grams

    People who leave low reviews for this film are trying so hard to find flaws. Yet everybody seems to agree that the directing/editing is brilliant. But the acting, people, the acting is sublime. Each character is so well suited to each actor/actress, that it feels they were born to play in 21 Grams. Granted, the philosophical points are a tiny bit gratuitous. But Iñárritu has crafted an amazing & unforgettable film.

  3. Penelope q's rating of the film 21 Grams

  4. Jessica Venturelli's rating of the film 21 Grams

  5. JamieAyre's rating of the film 21 Grams

    Iñárritu stays true to his style with his second feature with three outstanding performances offering a triptych of human pain.The narrative is disjoint, like the lives of its protagonists after a car accident. This process, by precipitating moments of horror and oddity, which makes this an unconventional story.The story shows these three people coming to pieces and wondering who they are and what life amounts too.

  6. Filipe Marques's rating of the film 21 Grams

    "Hey! Look at me and my anachronic montage!" - Alejandro González Iñárritu

  7. mirklete's rating of the film 21 Grams

    Well made, kudos to Inarritu, but I am baffled as to why Penn and Watts got all the candies. Benicio del Toro acts them off the screen. But he's Puerto Rican. Hmm, I smell a racist Hollywood rat.

  8. nein's rating of the film 21 Grams

    I liked how stories were intertwining and I didn't get confused at all :-)

  9. Nika Jazaee's rating of the film 21 Grams

    All 4 stars goes straight to Benicio del torro.

  10. Ayesha Casely-Hayford's rating of the film 21 Grams

    Stellar cast. Really naked performances. Keeps you gripped and hanging on, you can try to work it out but there is no point, you are only shown what you need to see at the time you need to see it. You just need to go along with the ride and enjoy the film, sharing these lives and what happens to them. Great film. "How many lives do we live? How many times do we die?"

  11. Suzy Lane's rating of the film 21 Grams

    the intermixing jumbled structure gets you hooked like a puzzle at first. then once you're clear on the events, you've been seduced by the acting & camera

  12. SiIencio's rating of the film 21 Grams

    Ultra-dramatic high-octane extra-long feature by visceral director González Iñárritu. The suffering of everyone walking on two legs in the film is relentless and that helps the feeling of force-fed gratuitous carnage. Three characters linked by rocambolesque fate. A fragmented editing but not unpleasant. If Iñárritu wanted to elucubrate about the ulterior nature of life and death, I'm afraid that he missed the target

  13. Vanessa Good's rating of the film 21 Grams

    Another great film by Alejandro González Iñárritu. I love how he depicts the intimate connections we all share.

  14. Komal Andorinha's rating of the film 21 Grams

    Incredible film,deeply tragic and painfully beautiful. One of the best films I've seen

  15. Mihai Cristea's rating of the film 21 Grams

  16. DanOffen's rating of the film 21 Grams

    Better than Amores Perros. Very pleasing watching the film find it's way and begin to make sense. Deals with it's themes very well too.

  17. KatriAV's rating of the film 21 Grams

    A story of loss told tantalizingly and beautifully. Inarritu adds a crime mystery/thriller element to this drama with his skills in storytelling.

  18. tomfdzv's rating of the film 21 Grams

    Iñarritu always rocks on narration, a story about loneliness and desperation.

  19. kt may's rating of the film 21 Grams

    Absolutely tremendous acting. Regardless of whether the film is satisfying by it's finale, the acting makes all of it feel irrelevant. Iñárritu once again delivers a heartbreaking and captivating non-linear innovative film, surprisingly different from it's predecessor, Amores Perros. It's a study of cause, coincidence, and consequence, and fate is cleverly played around with thanks to Iñárritu's puzzle of a story.

  20. Huw Morgan's rating of the film 21 Grams

    My least favourite of this trilogy. It seemed to be taking itself a little seriously at points but I enjoy and admire that. It's still a very sharp film.

  21. Steven Kandola's rating of the film 21 Grams

    Seen this countless times and yet it never gets old. A sombre story unfolds through clever directing/editing with acting to match. This really is an ensemble piece that is executed to perfection. The musical score also bleeds into each scene at just the right moments, further intensifying the macabre narrative - can't praise this film enough! SK

  22. lívia's rating of the film 21 Grams

  23. Fabio Di Felice's rating of the film 21 Grams

    Bello, molto complesso nel montaggio che all'inizio spiazza lo spettatore (prima sembra un flashback, poi si capisce che è tutt'altro), e con un intreccio forse fin troppo fatalista, ma funziona, intrattiene ed emoziona. In fin dei conti, essendo una grande produzione con tanti attori di punta, rimane un film che dà spazio a tutti e fa emergere interpretazioni fantastiche.

  24. Albrecht B. Christoph's rating of the film 21 Grams

    Unglaublich schlecht. Beinhaltet alles was man im negativen Sinne als amerikanisch bezeichnet.