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  1. Photo of Phil Lord

    Phil Lord Director

  2. Photo of Christopher Miller

    Christopher Miller Director

  3. Photo of Michael Bacall

    Michael Bacall Screenplay

  4. Photo of Patrick Hasburgh

    Patrick Hasburgh Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jonah Hill

    Jonah Hill Cast, Executive Producer Screenplay

  6. Photo of Brie Larson

    Brie Larson Cast

  7. Photo of Dave Franco

    Dave Franco Cast

  8. Photo of Rob Riggle

    Rob Riggle Cast

  9. Photo of Ice Cube

    Ice Cube Cast

  10. Photo of Ellie Kemper

    Ellie Kemper Cast

  11. Photo of Nick Offerman

    Nick Offerman Cast

  12. Photo of Johnny Depp

    Johnny Depp Cast

  13. Photo of Jake Johnson

    Jake Johnson Cast

  14. Photo of Dakota Johnson

    Dakota Johnson Cast

  15. Photo of Lindsey Broad

    Lindsey Broad Cast

  16. Photo of Johnny Simmons

    Johnny Simmons Cast

  17. Photo of DeRay Davis

    DeRay Davis Cast

  18. Photo of Chris Parnell

    Chris Parnell Cast

  19. Photo of Holly Robinson Peete

    Holly Robinson Peete Cast

  20. Photo of Dax Flame

    Dax Flame Cast

  21. Photo of Caroline Aaron

    Caroline Aaron Cast

  22. Photo of Joe Chrest

    Joe Chrest Cast

  23. Photo of Geraldine Singer

    Geraldine Singer Cast

  24. Photo of Peter DeLuise

    Peter DeLuise Cast

  25. Photo of Barry Peterson

    Barry Peterson Cinematography

  26. Photo of Mark Mothersbaugh

    Mark Mothersbaugh Music

  27. Photo of Peter Wenham

    Peter Wenham Production Design

  28. Photo of Stephen J. Cannell

    Stephen J. Cannell Producer and Screenplay

  29. Photo of Neal H. Moritz

    Neal H. Moritz Producer

  30. Photo of Ezra Swerdlow

    Ezra Swerdlow Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Channing Tatum

    Channing Tatum Executive Producer and Cast

  32. Photo of Joel Negron

    Joel Negron Editing