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  1. Photo of Patxi Amézcua

    Patxi Amézcua Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of José Nolla

    José Nolla Producer

  3. Photo of Quique Camín

    Quique Camín Producer

  4. Photo of Sergi Gallardo

    Sergi Gallardo Cinematography

  5. Photo of Francis Amat

    Francis Amat Music

  6. Photo of Ignasi Abadal

    Ignasi Abadal Cast

  7. Photo of Héctor Colomé

    Héctor Colomé Cast

  8. Photo of Aida Folch

    Aida Folch Cast

  9. Photo of Francesc Garrido

    Francesc Garrido Cast

  10. Photo of Maria Lanau

    Maria Lanau Cast

  11. Photo of Manuel Morón

    Manuel Morón Cast

  12. Photo of Joan Massotkleiner

    Joan Massotkleiner Cast

  13. Photo of Montserrat Salvador

    Montserrat Salvador Cast

  14. Photo of Ferran Terraza

    Ferran Terraza Cast

  15. Photo of Lucas Nolla

    Lucas Nolla Editing

  16. Photo of Lu Mascaró

    Lu Mascaró Production Design